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Japanese word that means the use of light and dark

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1 Japanese word that means the use of light and dark
Notan Japanese word that means the use of light and dark

2 The use of black and white
Japanese artists first used black and white colors to make art. It is called “Notan” They use two elements of art 1. Shapes 2. Lines

3 The Japanese Japan is a country close to china It is an island
Its people look different and act different and here is why

4 Japanese culture Japanese believe in the Buddhist religion
Believe in serving the body, mind, and soul Believe in the simplest of all things Believe in strong family ties In order to get a job you need to be married Marriages are arranged by your parents

5 How does their culture affect their art???????
Lets look at the Notan examples on the board What do you notice They are simple Use only two colors (black and white) Relates to their religion and culture Lets look at some examples of Notan being used

6 Using lines and shapes This example uses lines and shapes (two elements of art) It is also symmetrical It is the same on both sides

7 Using shapes and lines This example also uses shapes and lines (2 elements of art) This example uses asymmetry- different on all sides

8 Expanding the square A traditional notan starts out as a square
In this example it starts out as a black square We then cut out Positive shapes- are shapes the artists use (In this example, the shapes we cut out will be positive) Everything else around the shape is negative space (in this example the white area is negative)

9 So what is Positive Negative Space and what does Notan have to do with it?
Positive space is the object or subject itself. Negative Space is the area around and between the object. Notan takes advantage of this positive and negative space to create interesting designs.

10 How to expand a square 1.) Draw out the shapes and lines you will use
2.) Decide whether you will use symmetry or asymmetry 3.)Take an 18 by 24 piece of white paper 4.) Take a black square 5.) Draw out your shapes and lines on the black square 6.) Cut out black pieces (keep all pieces) 7.) arrange pieces on your paper 8.) glue pieces down

11 Notan examples




15 Objectives To learn what symmetry and asymmetry is
To learn how to use two of the elements of art Shapes and lines To learn what positive and negative shapes are To learn how to organize your artwork more efficiently

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