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By: Christopher Stehlin, Matthew Jarosz, and Fat Khan.

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1 By: Christopher Stehlin, Matthew Jarosz, and Fat Khan

2 Christianity- Jesus, Mary, Peter and God. Buddhism- Buddha. Hinduism- Brahman and Gurus. Islam- Muhammad, Gabriel, and Allah. Judaism- Moses, Abraham, And King David.

3 Buddhists are united in their belief in the Buddha’s teaching, known as the Dharma. Buddha taught that the key to happiness was detachment from all worldly goods and desires. To achieve this, you have to go the Middle Way. They worship Buddha by going to his statue and meditating. They believe in reincarnation.

4 It is based on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Christians are members of either Roman Catholic, Protestant, or Eastern Orthodox. They are monotheistic. There symbol is the cross representing Jesus’s crucifixion. Worshiping as a group is an important part of Christian life. There holy book is the Holy Bible.

5 Hinduism is one of the oldest surviving religion. It a collection of religious beliefs that developed over thousands of years. They are monotheistic. Brahman is the most divine spirit in the Hindu religion. This stresses that people reach true enlightment and happiness only after they free themselves from their earthly desires. They achieve this goal through worship.

6 Islam is the religion based on the teachings of the prophet Muhammad. They (Muslims) believed God revealed these teaching to Muhammad through the angel Gabriel. Sunni Muslims believe people should follow Muhammad's examples. They are polytheistic. Muslims believe in all prophets of Judaism and Christianity.

7 Judaism was the first major religion to teach the existence of only one god. The basic laws and teachings of Judaism come from the Torah (the first five books of the Hebrew Bible). Judaism teaches that a person serves God by studying the Torah and living by its teachings. The shield of David, known as the Star of David, is the universal symbol of Judaism.

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