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The Golden Age of Spain Chapter 19:i The Habsburg Empire.

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2 The Golden Age of Spain Chapter 19:i

3 The Habsburg Empire


5 “Others shall wage war; you O happy Austria, shall marry!” -Hapsburg saying

6 Holy Roman emperor Maximilian I established the Habsburg dynasty as an international European power.

7 The Habsburg empire reached its greatest size under Charles V.


9 The Protestant Reformation began in Germany during the early years of Charles’ reign.


11 Constantinople was captured by the Ottoman Turks in 1453.


13 Habsburg lands in central Europe were threatened by the expanding Ottoman Turkish empire.

14 Exhausted from governing such a large empire, Charles V divided the Habsburg lands between his brother and son. brother Ferdinand I became king of Austria and was elected Holy Roman emperor

15 Philip II received the rest of the Habsburg domains.

16 Spain was the most powerful nation in Europe during Philip II’s reign (1556-98).


18 Philip II ruled as an absolute monarch.

19 Philip II’s attacks on Turkish strongholds in the Mediterranean were part of his crusade to revive Christianity.

20 Battle of Lepanto

21 The seven northern provinces of the Spanish Netherlands declared their independence in 1581.

22 English “sea dogs,” such as Sir Francis Drake, attacked Spanish ports in the Americas and captured Spanish ships.

23 St. Augustine

24 Queen Elizabeth I made Drake a knight, which infuriated Philip II.

25 In 1588 Philip II sent an armada of 130 vessels carrying 60,000 soldiers to invade England.

26 Only about sixty of the original 130 ships made it back to Spain.

27 Spanish culture blossomed under the reign of Philip II. The period from 1550 to 1650 is called the “Century of Gold.”

28 Cervantes

29 Cervantes’ Don Quixote took place in La Mancha.

30 Lope de Vega

31 Francisco Suarez [Need picture]

32 The Cretan-born El Greco expressed intense religious feelings in his art.

33 El Greco developed surrealistic a style of art which used distorted faces and bodies to produce a dramatic effect.

34 The Spanish artist Diego Velazquez was known for his life- like portraits.

35 Velazquez is best known for his paintings of court life in Madrid.

36 A Troubled Economy

37 Moriscoes

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