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Principles of ART.

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1 Principles of ART

2 Balance Arranged symmetrically or asymmetrically to create the impression of equality in weight or importance.

3 Proportion/Scale Proportion is the size relationship of parts to a whole and to one another. Scale refers to relating size to a constant, such as the human body.

4 Variety Using different elements in an image to create visual interest.

5 Harmony/Unity All parts of an image work together to be seen as a whole.

6 Emphasis The place in an artwork where your eye first lands.

7 Pattern/Rhythm/Repetition
- Visual Beat Recurring elements to direct your eye through the image

8 Principles of ART You need to choose
an artwork by 1 of the 23 artists on the mural. And please make sure its an original artwork by the artist and NOT an artwork inspired by the artist.

9 Top half of worksheet Your worksheet will have color.

10 Bottom of worksheet

11 You have to complete 6 worksheets.
Balance Emphasis Harmony/Unity Proportion/Scale Repetition, Pattern & Rhythm Variety We will start working on them today, continue Monday and complete them on Tuesday.

12 Worksheet Rubric

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