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Classical Greece Test Review. 1. ◊Europe ◊Peninsula ◊Surrounded by Aegean, Ionian and Med. ◊Many mountains.

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1 Classical Greece Test Review

2 1. ◊Europe ◊Peninsula ◊Surrounded by Aegean, Ionian and Med. ◊Many mountains

3 2. ◊mountains isolated them politically ◊mountains limited their food supply therefore limiting their population

4 2. ◊Seas were used for highways for TRANSPORTATION and TRADE ◊Trade was necessary because Greece lacks many natural resources

5 3.Impact of Dorians: ◊Period of decline ◊No written records

6 4. ◊Famous blind storyteller ◊Told The Illiad and The Odyssey

7 5.Polis is a Greek city-state ◊Sparta and Athens

8 6. Phalanx is a military formation used by the Greeks—shoulder to shoulder, spear in one hand, shield in the other.

9 7. PolisValues Athens Individuality Art Freedom Beauty

10 7. PolisGovernment Athens Direct Democracy

11 7. PolisValues Sparta Military Strength Duty Discipline

12 7. PolisGovernment Sparta Oligarchy

13 7. PolisSimilarities Athens and Sparta Phalanx Women couldn’t vote Spoke Greek Polytheistic Had slavery Delian League Won Persian War

14 8.Sparta won the Peloponnesian War ◊most of the war was fought on land and Sparta had a stronger army

15 9. Pericles made Athens into a direct democracy and paid public officials, therefore the poor could take part in gov’t and look out for their rights

16 10. Golden Age is a time of peace and prosperity ◊Led to cultural developments – art, literature, drama, philosophy, gov’t, architecture and science

17 11. Philosophy: SocratesPlatoAristotle ◊Father of Philosophy ◊Asked Greeks to question everything to find truth ◊Student of Socrates ◊Started The Academy ◊Wrote The Republic ◊ Student of Plato ◊ Started The Lyceum ◊Scientific Method

18 ◊Drama: 1. Tragedy—serious drama about common themes 2. Comedy—contained slapstick humor and situations

19 ◊Art: ◊Greek Sculpture: figures were graceful, strong and serene ◊Classical art—valued order, balance and proportion = REALISTIC!


21 B.Architecture: columns DoricIonic Corinthian


23 ◊Science: Aristotle

24 ◊Government: ◊Athens had a direct democracy - ruled directly and not through representatives.

25 12. King Philip II of Macedonia conquered Greece after the Peloponnesian War

26 13. Alexander the Great built an empire

27 13. Alexander the Great created Hellenistic Culture

28 15. Alexandria was at the crossroads of three continents: Europe Asia Africa

29 16.Hellenistic Culture: ◊Math – Euclid (geometry) and Archimedes (pi) ◊Physics – lever and pulley

30 16.Hellenistic Culture: ◊Philosophy: -Stoicism-deny pleasure -Epicureans-indulge in pleasure

31 1.Astronomy— Alexandria contained a small observatory in which astronomers could study the planets and stars

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