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Charles V and the Habsburg Legacy

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1 Charles V and the Habsburg Legacy
Habsburg-Valois Wars AP European History

2 Habsburgs – European Dynasty
Maximilian I ( ) administrative “circles”, Imperial Chamber and Council strategic use of royal marriages he marries Mary of Burgundy (France & Netherlands) their son, Philip, marries Joanna heiress of Castile & Spanish America, Aragon & its Mediterranean & Italian possessions their son, Charles, inherits all this PLUS is elected Holy Roman Emperor, 1519

3 Habsburg Family Tree Mary Tudor Queen of England pg. 355

4 Habsburg Brothers Emperor Charles V (a.k.a. King Charles I of Spain) – most powerful ruler of his time Ferdinand elected King of Bohemia and Hungary Attempts to protect areas from the Turks, who had been moving into Europe since the fall of Constantinople, 1453

5 Habsburg Dynasty under Charles V
U2.D1 #21

6 The Habsburg Threat “Universal Monarchy”
threat to national independence France especially worried (they are surrounded) England worried (they are not making headway into the continent)

7 Charles V – political change in Empire
Reinstatement of: Imperial Supreme Court Council of Regency Creation of: Consultation of Imperial Diet In what ways did these concessions end up helping the PR in Germany? (U2.D1 #22)

8 Emperor Charles V Charles V dealing w/ French, Turks, and Pope is unable to direct attention toward Luther urges a European wide council for reconciliation Unfortunately, Francis I and Henry VIII prefer national councils and Pope Clement VII sides with Francis I Habsburg-Valois Wars ( ) Conflict centered around southern France, Netherlands, Rhineland, northern Spain and Italy 2nd Habsburg-Valois War ( ) = violent sacking of Rome by the Spanish under Charles V, by 1530 Charles V ruled over most of Italy

9 Charles V and the Ottoman Empire
Suleiman the Magnificent ( ) Battle of Mohacs (1526) – King Louis of Hungary killed & Turks advanced on Vienna, turned back in 1529 forced to fight off Turkish, Arab, and Barbary attacks on Mediterranean coasts of Spain and Italy

10 Schmalkaldic Wars (1546-47, 52-55)
1546 France and Schmalkaldic League go to war with Empire Schmalkaldic League (princely Lutheran supporters and free imperial states), formed in 1531 after Charles V demands that all converts return to the Catholic Church King Henry II (France) supports the Schmalkaldic League as it weakens the Empire

11 Schmalkaldic Wars (1546-47, 52-55)
Imperial Forces = German, Dutch, Spanish & Italian troops Phase 1 Battle of Mühlberg, Lutherans are defeated (1547) Phase 2 1552 Henry II (France) revives wars 1555 France and Schmalkaldic League are victorious – Charles V forced to negaotiate a truce

12 Peace of Augsburg (1555) cuius regio eius religio: “whose the region, his the religion” rulers at liberty to choose the religion of the individual states victory for Lutheranism – now on equal footing with Catholicism increased national fragmentation of Germany The Peace of Augsburg overlooks one crucial issue of the Reformation. What is it?

13 Abdication of Charles V
1556 – sick and exhausted Charles V gives up his fight of the Empire and abdicates the throne to his brother Ferdinand (HRE +) and his son, Philip (Spain) Now in addition to all other territories (except Spain) HREmperor is also the King of Bohemia and Hungary Philip becomes Philip II, King of Spain


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