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British history Brief outline.

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1 British history Brief outline

2 Brief outline Romans Saxons Vikings Norman Tudors Victorian WW ll 43 450 793 1066 1485 1837 1939 !!!!!! BEAR THEATRE PERFORMANCE - DVD Britain before the Romans came: stone, bronze, iron ages, construction of Stonehenge, earthworks, Druids, the Celts. Roman Britain (55 BC AD) From Julius Caesar's . Emperor Hadrian – Hadrians Wall: rebellions, advent of Christianity, barbarian invasions, withdrawal of Romans.

3 Anglo Saxon England (597 - 687) Germanic tribes
Anglo Saxon England ( ) Germanic tribes. Destroying Roman civilization. The coming of St. Augustine, triumph of Rome-oriented Christianity, Saxon control of island, rise of Mercia, Offa's Dyke. Anglo Saxon England ( ) Rise of Wessex, King Ine establishes his law, Venerable Bede, Viking invasions,the Danelaw. Norman invasion Edward the Confessor, Westminster Abbey, Harold and William Conqueror at Hastings (1066). Norman infulence on English language. Medieval Britain ( ) Conquest, consolidation, feudal system, Magna Carta, codification of laws, individual rights, Welsh & Scottish wars, Black Plague, Hundred Years War, Peasant's Revolt, religious unrest, Wars of the Roses. The Reformation & Restoration Period ( ) Emergence of Britain into modern era: rise of Tudors, Dissolution of Monasteries, religious struggles, Henry VIII – Church of England Life and Reign of Queen Elizabeth I ( ) The life and dramatic reign of a woman who must be considered to be in the top rank of English monarchs. Elizabeth I., overseas discoveries, overthrow and restoration of monarchy. Golden era – William Shakespeare. .

4 The Age of Empire ( ) After overseas discoveries (Sir Francis Drake, Wlater Raleigh) wars with colonies, expansion of empire. „Sun never sets over the British empire“. Oliver Cromwell – Civil War Lord Protector – Britain proclaimed a republic, king Charles I – beheaded, cruel conquest of Ireland and Scotland After his death – 1660 restoration of monarchy – limited power of monarchy - Charles II – Glorious revolution – cultural awakening. Queen Victoria industrial revolution, scientific development, literary & artistic golden age, electricity, flourishing British empire

5 Modern British history
-The sinking of Titanic (1913) World War I -Irish Independence (1921) -Great depression in Britain (1932) after Wall street crash -World War II (Winston Churchil, the Battle of Britain) -Elisabeth II -Margaret Thatcher -IRA (30 years of violence) -The London Bombings (20O5)

6 Učebnice Speak up – the English speaking world
Pages: – outline of British and American history Questions: p. 42 Before the English (p 43) – paper for a student Colourful kings and queens (p 50 – 52) – papers for 5 students – Henry V., Richard III., Henry VIII.,Elisabeth I., Victoria) The Greates Empire (P.55-56) – a paer for 2 students World War II (p. 60 – paper for 1 student)

7 odkazy Učebnice Speak Up, The English Speaking World, Rachel J. Roberts, Modern Languages Vytvořila Lada Leszkowová jako přípravu pro výuku historie GB, Gymnázium K.V. Raise, Hlinsko

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