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Chapter 12: The Eucharist

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1 Chapter 12: The Eucharist

2 Eucharist = Jesus’ body and blood in the form of bread and wine
Spiritual center of Catholic life Because through it we’re saved The source and summit of our life Every action of the Church is tied to this We remember and celebrate what God has done for us through Jesus

3 Jesus is truly present here on earth – through the power of the Holy Spirit He is found under the appearance of the bread and wine Body and blood, soul and divinity of Christ In the presence of the Eucharist Jesus remains among us as the one who loved us and gave Himself up for us

4 Matthew, Mark, Luke and Paul all record Jesus’ institution of the Eucharist at the Last Supper
Occurred during Passover Night before Good Friday

5 Gives Jewish feast of Passover it’s full meaning – Jesus is the new lamb of God by whose blood we pass from death to new life Christ instituted a new Passover = the Eucharist as a pledge of his love, memorial of his death and Resurrection, and to make us sharers in his Passover

6 Eucharist is a Sacrament of Initiation
We are initiated into the Paschal Mystery Christ actually becomes one with us

7 Actual sacrifice of Christ is re-presented to us each time Mass is celebrated, in the Liturgy of the Eucharist

8 Eucharist is Identical to Jesus’ death on the Cross
Sacramental memorial of Christ and his Body Christ made present by the power of the HS A true sacrifice Offered for the living and the dead to obtain spiritual benefits

9 Eucharist has many names
Eucharist – comes from Greek eucharistein meaning to give thanks Lord’s Supper – because of connection to the Last Supper, also an anticipation of the wedding feast in Heaven

10 More names … Eucharistic Celebration or Mass or breaking of the bread – because part of Last Supper rite, where Jesus took bread and broke it and gave it to the Apostles Memorial - because it reminds us of the Lord’s Passion and Resurrection Eucharistic Assembly – refers to the fact that the Eucharist is celebrated in the assembly of the faithful

11 More names … Holy Sacrifice – since it completes and surpasses all sacrifices in the Old Testament All OT sacrifices foreshadow the sacrifice of Christ – especially sacrifice of priest Melchizedech who offered bread and wine to God; Eucharist uses bread and wine

12 History of the Eucharist
Passover meal in Exodus Kill the lamb, place blood over doorposts, and eat the lamb so that the angel would passover Jesus did miracles multiplying fish and loaves to feed the people John chapter 6 = Jesus’ teaching on the Eucharist “I am the bread of life, I am living bread from Heaven, Those who eat my flesh and drink my blood will have eternal life

13 Last Supper Jesus institutes the Eucharist

14 Mystery of Transubstantiation
John 6:41 – Jesus refers to himself as the “bread came down from Heaven.” When the priest says the words of consecration over the bread and wine, by the power of the Holy Spirit the substance of bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Jesus Words of consecration = words of Eucharistic prayer, words of Jesus at the Last Supper Eucharist is Jesus present in the fullest possible way Bread = truly Jesus’ body Wine = truly Jesus’ blood

15 Still appear to be bread and wine, but are Jesus’ Body and Blood
Transformation of bread and wine into Jesus’ body and blood = transubstantiation After words of consecration bread and wine aren’t bread and wine, but Jesus’ Body and Blood Still appear to be bread and wine, but are Jesus’ Body and Blood

16 Transubstantiation includes that
The whole Christ is present under every part of the Eucharist The whole Christ is present if the parts are divided The whole Christ is present as a substance The presence of Christ is sacramental The presence of Christ endures as long as what remains appears to be bread and wine, recognized as such and uncorrupted

17 Even outside the Mass Jesus remains present in the Eucharist
Jesus is present in every Church, in every tabernacle

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