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Congrats!! You were just awarded ownership and rule of an island with 500 residents in the South Pacific!! Tell me: -What kind of ruler will you be? What.

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1 Congrats!! You were just awarded ownership and rule of an island with 500 residents in the South Pacific!! Tell me: -What kind of ruler will you be? What kind of government will you have? -How will you get money? -Will you provide school for your island’s kiddo’s? -What will be your island’s name?

2 -between settlements and the environment

3 Evaluate the economic and political relationships between settlements and the environment, including sustainable development and renewable/nonrenewable resources.

4  Economic Activities- How people earn a living and use resources.  Resource – any physical material that makes up part of Earth and that people need and value.  Renewable Resources – resources that are constantly replaced.  Non Renewable Resources – resources that cannot be replaced naturally after they have been used

5 Types of Economies There are four types of economic activities found in different economic systems. Each uses resources and produces goods in a distinctive way

6 Traditional Economies ( also known as subsistence economies) – all goods and services produced by people are consumed in their own family or village. There is little left over for trade with other communities.

7 Command Economy – is when the economic system is controlled by a single, central government.

8 Market Economy – An economic system that gives great freedom to individuals and groups to freely choose what to buy and sell.

9 Mixed Economy Usually found in SOCIALIST countries. A mix of Free Market and Command Economy. Some goods and services, such as healthcare and transportation, are controlled by the government. Others are private. Ex. Countries in Western Europe. Emerging Free Market Economy These economies USED to be Command but are transitioning to Free Market. Example…Russia and Eastern Europe after communism fell. It created problems in the transitions as the market adjusted to making goods instead of military items.

10 Political Systems 4 Characteristics that are shared by all countries in the world (To be recognized as a country, you must have all four) A clearly defined Territory – Land - Population – people - Sovereignty – when one can rule itself by establishing its own policies and determining its own course of action - and a Government


12 (Review….)

13 Authoritarian Dictatorship Totalitarianism Monarchy Democracy Most/all held by leaderSSS Most/all held by leader. EXTREME DICTATOR 2.0! King, Queen, (etc) & fam Power to the people!!

14  People have always depended on soil, water, plants, animals, minerals, and other resources for their survival. A resource is something of value. The ways that people use resources, where resources are located, how resources are distributed, and how the use of resources affects the earth are all subjects that geographers study.


16 Renewable Resources (are constantly being regenerated or replaced by the environment.) Examples are soil, water; the sun is our most important energy resource (only available for 5 million more years)

17 Nonrenewable resources (cannot be replaced) Non renewable resources are minerals formed in the earth’s crust over millions of years. The earth has only a limited supply of them and it would take millions of years to replace them. Fossil fuels – coal, oil, and natural gas minerals – iron, copper, aluminum, uranium, and gold.


19 (yet)

20 Primary Activities  Use natural resources directly  Farming, fishing, forestry, herding, and mining  Provide the basic raw materials for industry

21 Secondary Economic Activities  Use raw materials to produce or manufacture something new.  Examples – steelmaking, processing wheat into flour, and making lumber into plywood  (Fish to Fish Sticks)

22 Tertiary Economic Activity - Provides services to people and businesses Ex.- doctors, teachers dry cleaners, store clerks, truck drivers

23 Quaternary Economic Activities process & distribute information, c omposed entirely of services rendered by white-collar professionals working on management and information processing and disseminating. Research Scientist

24 1 Primary 2 Secondary 3 Tertiary 4 Quaternary ~Farming, fishing, forestry (outside jobs) ~Use PRIMARY stuff and make new!! Fish-> fish sticks ~Serve needs-doctor, teacher, clerk, trucker (inside jobs) ~Information jobs-nice to do’s: researcher, engineer (uber, uber inside jobs)

25 Miiissss!!! You fried my brain!!!

26 Economic Patterns, Resources, and Technology The creation and distribution of resources affect the locations of economic activities. Resources also affect the movement of products, capital, and people. How does this happen? The need for a resource draws business and workers to the place where it is found. Related businesses grow nearby. Business must find ways to ship their products to markets. Example - Discovery of Oil at Spindle Top in Texas resulted in Houston and the Gulf Coast Area growing from a small town to the 4 th largest city in the USA

27 Explain (on your own paper) How have changes in technology, transportation and communication affected the locations and patterns of economic activities? The development of refrigerated railroad cars, ships and trucks have allowed farm goods to be shipped around the world without spoiling. Also, the development of computers and the Internet have affected the locations of many service and information industries by allowing people to now work from home and send their work around the world.

28 - Small Groups -Each group will make their own country and you must decide on the following: -name and where your country will be located? -what type of government will you follow? -what types of resources are available to the people of your country? - what type of economic activities will the people of your country do in order to make a living? -You will pick someone from your group to be a “Spokesperson” at a United Nations Meeting and really “SELL” why the rest of the planet should think that your country is the BEST place to live. (The class will vote)

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