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Professional Roles Lesson 4 HQSI-Proprietary. Lesson Overview HQSI-Proprietary.

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1 Professional Roles Lesson 4 HQSI-Proprietary

2 Lesson Overview HQSI-Proprietary

3 Lesson Objectives At the end of this lesson, you will be able to: 1. Describe the various roles that function within the health care industry 2. State projection for health care employment 3. Discuss issues concerning the healthcare labor force HQSI-Proprietary

4 Healthcare Personnel (HCP) Definition All paid and unpaid persons working in health-care settings who have the potential for exposure to Patients Infectious materials such as body substances, contaminated medical supplies, equipment, environmental surfaces or air HQSI-Proprietary

5 Healthcare Personnel (HCP) cont HCP’s may also include Physicians Nurses Nursing assistants Therapists Technicians Emergency medical service personnel Dental personnel Pharmacist Laboratory personnel Autopsy personnel Students and trainees Contractual staff Persons (e.g., clerical, dietary, house-keeping, laundry, security, maintenance, billing, and volunteers And many more! HQSI-Proprietary

6 Facts about the Industry Largest industry in 2008 Provided 14.3 million jobs 40 percent in hospitals 21 percent in nursing and residential care facilities 16 percent in physician offices HQSI-Proprietary

7 Facts about the Industry cont. Ten of the 20 fastest growing occupations are healthcare related HQSI-Proprietary

8 Facts about the Industry cont. Healthcare will generate 3.2 million new wage and salary jobs between 2008 and 2018 More than any other industry Total number of 65-year-olds will surpass the number of 18-year-olds by 2016 HQSI-Proprietary

9 Projections for health care employment Employment Change Wage and salary Increase 22 percent through 2018 Additional Contributing Factors Older age groups will continue to grow Older persons have higher incidence of injury and illness Rising life expectancies Additional factors? HQSI-Proprietary

10 Job Prospects Employment availability Retired workers Individuals that leave positions for other reasons Stricter immigration laws lowers the number of individuals entering the country thus making obtaining a job in the industry easier HQSI-Proprietary

11 Job Prospects cont. Replacement Openings Usually large High turn over as a result of Low pay and status Poor benefits Low training requirements High proportion of young and part-time workers HQSI-Proprietary

12 Job Prospects cont. New Jobs Nursing aides Orderlies Attendants Home health aides HQSI-Proprietary

13 Job Prospects cont. Registered Nurses Increased median age Not enough younger workers are replacing them Difficulties in obtaining and retaining have been reported HQSI-Proprietary

14 Occupations in the Industry Large number of workers Professional and service occupations Account for 76 percent of jobs in the industry Next largest share Office and administrative support Account for 18 percent of jobs in the industry Management, business and financial operations 4 percent of employment Other occupations 2 percent of the total HQSI-Proprietary

15 Place of Business Seven (7) places where services can be rendered: 1. Hospitals 2. Nursing and residential care facilities 3. Offices of Physicians 4. Offices of Dentists 5. Home healthcare agencies 6. Offices of other specialties 7. Ambulatory centers HQSI-Proprietary

16 Lesson Summary Health care personnel Industry facts Projected growth in the industry Prospect on future employment Occupations in the industry Varying areas for future employment HQSI-Proprietary

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