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Applying for Jobs Chapter 16.

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1 Applying for Jobs Chapter 16

2 Finding Job Openings Job hunting TAKES WORK, you must find them
Ways to find jobs is through NETWORKING: talking with people and establishing relationships that can lead to more information or business

3 Finding job openings Friends and Relatives Networking
School Placement Services Direct Employer Contact Want Ads Trade and Professional Journals Government Employment Services Private Employment Agencies Searching the Internet

4 Before You Apply You must complete a PERSONAL FACT SHEET: helps you write letters of application, prepare job resumes, and fill out application forms (sample shown on page 301) YOU will create your own personal fact sheet.

5 Job Resume A resume summarizes a person’s educational background, work experience, and other qualifications for employment (sample found on page 303) YOU will create a resume before you leave this class!

6 Job Resume A resume should include the following: Objective Education
Work Experience Honors and Activities Personal References

7 Job Portfolio A PORTFOLIO: a well organized collection of materials that supports your job qualifications. It can be used during an interview to highlight your talents and capabilities

8 Job Portfolio Your portfolio should include: A letter of application
Copy of your latest resume List of job related skills Collection of samples of your best work Well organized and presentable!

9 Develop a Home Page Many employers are looking for individuals with strong computer skills You can show this by developing a home page: a personalized site on the world wide web. Your home page should include: a copy of your resume, photos of important projects, you can include a short video clip demonstrating their speaking skills and personality

10 Job Application Forms Whenever you apply for a job, you must do this with a job application An application that is incomplete, difficult to read, or smudged with dirt may not make it beyond the first screening YOU will complete a job application properly before completing this class!

11 Tips for Completing a Job Application
READ the entire application before reading FOLLOW carefully the instructions filling out the form. If you are asked to print, type or use black pen only, then do so! COMPLETE every question on both sides of the form. If a question does not apply to you, write DNA or NA

12 Job App Tips cont…………….. In the section for wages or salary, you should always answer OPEN or NEGOTIABLE In the “employment history”, remember to include part-time jobs such as baby-sitting, mowing lawns, delivering flyers, etc. Be as NEAT as possible

13 Illegal Question for Job Applicants
Legally you are not required to answer any question unrelated to your ability to do the job. NO questions are to be asked about your: race or color, religion, national origin, photographs, personal/family, sex and marital status, age, disabilities, or organizations. (pg. 312, 16-8)

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