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Introduction to Europe

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1 Introduction to Europe

2 Political map of Europe

3 Physical Map Rhine River North Sea Baltic Sea Atlantic Ocean
English Channel Danube River Loire River Black Sea Alps Mountains Pyrenees Mountains Balkan Mountains Mediterranean Sea

4 Regions of Europe

5 Fjords Fjords – steep U-shaped valleys that connect to the sea and that filled with seawater after the glaciers melted Often found in Norway and Sweden

6 Climate of Europe

7 Land of peninsulas Peninsula – a point of land extending into an ocean or lake Scandinavian Peninsula – Norway and Sweden Iberian Peninsula – Spain and Portugal Italian Peninsula – Italy Balkan Peninsula – mulitple countries – Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, etc.

8 Islands A body of land surrounded by water
Islands in Europe – Great Britain and Ireland, Iceland Many countries have island off of them – ex. Greece, Italy, France Great Britain and Ireland

9 Mountains Most famous mountain chain in Europe is the Alps Mountains that stretches across France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and the northern Balkan Peninsula

10 Study websites
Includes country and landscapes games

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