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page 27 Connections Connect with Other Disciplines and Acquire Information.

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3 Connections Connect with Other Disciplines and Acquire Information

4 Connections Standard 3.1: Students reinforce and further their knowledge of other disciplines through the foreign language. Standard 3.2: Students acquire information and recognize the distinctive viewpoints that are only available through the foreign language and its cultures. page 47

5 page 48

6 Media Editorials Radio Violence Advertising Newspapers Jobs TVEntertainment Information

7 page 50

8 Youve got … 1. Locate a partner teacher. 2. Decide on the topic(s). 3. Determine time frame.

9 Email Projects Age and language level will determine the depth of engagement in these topics – here are some typical themes for which email exchanges seem ideal: SchoolDaily Life FoodFamily FriendsTravel Free TimeWeather SeasonsYouth ClothingShopping CareersMovie Schedules/Ads/reviews TV Listings and showsMusic Tourist attractions Prejudice WarLove StereotypesCuisine Page 53

10 Interdisciplinary Units Heidi Hayes Jacobs page 56 Identify the organizing center Brainstorm associations related to the organizing center using the disciplines Devise a set of essential questions to frame the unit as a scope and sequence Generate activities and assessments under each essential question for implementation

11 Immigrant Experience Immigrant Experience Holocaust Expressionism

12 Historical Period Historical Period Aztec Civilization Aztec Civilization

13 Quick! Grab a soda … 5 minutes!

14 Comparisons Develop Insights into the Nature of Language and Culture

15 Comparisons Standard 4.1: Students demonstrate understanding of the nature of language through comparisons of the language studied and their own. Standard 4.2: Students demonstrate understanding of the concept of culture through comparisons of the cultures studied and their own. page 61

16 MIT Libraries …page 62 Wow!

17 page 62

18 Internet … News English French German Italian 93 95 96 97 Spanish 98

19 Working with Authentic Texts #1. #2. #3. #4. #5. page 91 Teach for the gist Narrow the task Use same text for multi-levels Highlight use of structures Ask inferential questions

20 page 103

21 Venn Diagram page 105

22 die Post

23 Using the Venn Diagram Cultural Practices -- US and Target Culture Two stories by the same author Two stories with same theme by different authors Point of view: characters of a story

24 Communities Participate in Multilingual Communities at Home and Around the World

25 Communities Standard 5.1: Students use the language both within and beyond the school setting. Standard 5.2: Students show evidence of becoming life-long learners by using the language for personal enjoyment and enrichment. page 107

26 ` page 115 PowerPoint for Presentations

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