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A quick and easy tutorial!

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1 A quick and easy tutorial!
How to do Laundry A quick and easy tutorial!

2 5 Steps to Clean Clothes! Gather your materials
Separate & evaluate your clothes Wash your clothes Dry your clothes Fold your clothes

3 Step 1 Gather Materials Quarters (if you don’t have a washing machine at your house) Each load will usually take between $0.75-$1.75 (per machine) Drying will take more quarters! Detergent Two kinds…bottles (liquid) or boxes (powder) Really no difference between the two…liquid may be less messy but slightly more expensive STOP!!! Watch out for detergents that may cause an allergic reaction!!

4 Still Gathering… Bleach Used to make your WHITES brighter
Use ONLY with WHITE colored clothing and linens They now have “color-safe bleaching action” in some detergents So…which bleach is the best? Consumer Reports found that Tide with bleach alternative came in 1st Followed by Cheer and then Arm & Hammer

5 Fabric Softener Eliminates static cling Makes clothes soft Two forms
Liquid…added during the wash cycle Sheet…added during the dry cycle Please note that liquid fabric softener is DIFFERENT from liquid detergent…if you use this form of softener you must also use detergent!!! Examples…Bounce, Downy, Snuggles

6 Last thing to grab! Now you are ready to begin!!! Laundry Basket
If you’re classy…buy a plastic heavy-duty basket or a nice drawstring bag If you’re not…a pillowcase will work too! Now you are ready to begin!!!

7 Step 2 Separate and Evaluate Your Clothes Preparation is CRUCIAL!!!
Evaluate your dirty clothes to see how many loads should be done Separate your clothes by color

8 Sorting Whites Lights Darks Delicates
Basic t-shirts, white socks, sheets, pillowcases and other plain white clothing/linens Lights Everything from pastels to striped or patterned whites A white item with enough color (logo/pattern) to make you think doesn’t fit with the whites Darks Dark socks, shirts, all jeans, dark pants Newly dark clothing should be washed alone first Delicates Wool garments, sweaters, satin, undergarments These can be washed in a machine but hand-washing is usually better.

9 Why separate? Separating helps protect the color and durability of your garment Should an accident occur the damage cannot be undone! What would happen if a red sock got mixed into white towels? Look at the care labels

10 What to evaluate? Pockets Zippers Ties (hoodies/drawstrings/etc)
Are they empty? Zippers Are they up? (This prevents snagging) Ties (hoodies/drawstrings/etc) Should be tied to prevent losing them or getting them tangled

11 Step 3 Wash This is the easy part Pre-treat any visible stains
Select your cycle Add your detergent to the machine

12 Setting Your Machine Some require you to set the temperature (of the water) others ask you to set a cycle WHITES “hot” cycle…vigorous agitation, hot water rinse LIGHTS & DARKS “warm” or “permanent press”…mild agitation, extra cool water rinse cool water protects the colors DELICATES “delicate” or “cold” cycle…extremely short and gentle agitation spin cycle

13 A last few tips… When in doubt…read the care label!
A typical wash cycle takes minutes 2 problems that arise Overloading the machine Fill the machine ½ to ¾ full Using too much detergent Only use the full amount if you have a full load…use your judgment for the rest smaller loads = smaller amt. needed

14 Step 4 Drying your nice clean clothes Clean the lint filter
Add fabric softener/dryer sheets Unload clothes from washer…shake them a little Inspect stains…the heat in the dryer will bake it in!

15 More drying… Overloading…why is this a problem
Most cycles last minutes Jeans/towels take longer Take light cotton items out early to avoid wrinkles Dry for too long=shrinking!!! Hang delicates to dry Helps them maintain shape

16 Step 5 Folding…the last task! Begin immediately…avoids wrinkling
Don’t hang sweaters (they will lose shape and take the form of the hanger) Hang button down shirts

17 Final Thoughts Questions? Comments? Concerns?

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