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The U.S. Constitution Study Guide.

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1 The U.S. Constitution Study Guide

2 The Preamble Can you pick out the purposes of the government?

3 Preamble terms union justice tranquility defense welfare liberty

4 Article I (Legislative Branch)
basic duty of L.B. House of Representatives census every 10 years ALL revenue bills power of impeachment Speaker of the House 3rd in line

5 Senate 30-6-9-100 (2x50)-1/3 VP president of Senate
tries impeachment cases Required vote to remove

6 How a Bill becomes a Law

7 Powers of Congress tax borrow naturalization laws coin money PO
patents copyrights declare war raise army/navy elastic clause whatever!

8 Constitutional protections for YOU!
cannot suspend habeas corpus (“you have the body”) – writ of HC requires the person to be brought to court to determine whether she is being held legally no bills of attainder – singles out an individual or a group for punishment without a trial no ex post facto laws – applies law retroactively to an act or conduct that was legal when committed

9 Reserved powers for states
Marriage and divorce laws Education Licenses Concurrent powers shared by federal government and state governments


11 Article II Executive Branch
P/VP/Cabinet Qualifications for office Commander-in-Chief Pardons Treaties (2/3 approval by Senate) Appointments (majority approval by Senate) Duties of President May be impeached treason, bribery, “high crimes and misdemeanors” Electoral College (270)

12 Qualifications for President
35 natural-born citizen resident of U.S. for 14 years Who can be president?

13 Treaties President negotiates Senates approves (2/3)

14 How the Electoral College works

15 Define: "majority" "minority" "plurality"

16 What is the popular vote?

17 How many electors are there?
How are they distributed?

18 Electoral Votes #EV=# US Reps + 2 270 needed to win presidency
Minimum 3 votes 270 needed to win presidency Win the right 11 states  President!

19 Did our FF's trust the people? Why? Why not?

20 2004 Electoral College Map

21 Example 10,000,001 voters 5,000,001 vote for Candidate A
5,000,000 vote for Candidate B Candidate A gets ALL of the electoral votes* popular vote determines WHO gets the electoral vote


23 Article III Judicial Branch
Interpret the laws Judicial review Supreme Court Other federal courts Trial by jury Treason



26 Articles IV - VII IV States admitting new states V amendment process
VI “supreme law of the land” VII Ratification

27 Amendments Bill of Rights (1791) 1 speech . . . 2 arms 3 no quartering
4 search and seizure warrants 5 rights of accused due process double jeopardy no self-incrimination grand jury 6 speedy and fair trial (public) 8 no cruel and unusual punishment

28 Amendments 12 Electoral College 13 free 14 citizens 15 vote
16 income tax 17 direct election of Senators 18/21 no/yes 19 power to the women! yr. olds

29 22nd amendment 1951 Explain... you guys!!!

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