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Review for India Quiz. Where is India? Label the Ganges and Indus River.

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1 Review for India Quiz

2 Where is India?

3 Label the Ganges and Indus River

4 Label the Himalayan Mountains and the Hindu Kush mountains.

5 Label the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengles

6 Which mountain range does Mount Everest belong to?

7 Answer: Himalayans

8 What are the sacred text of Hinduism?

9 Answer: Vedas and Upanishads

10 Which religion was found by the ARYANS with their beliefs first being passed down from generation to generation?

11 Answer: Hinduism

12 Who founded Buddhism?

13 Answer: Siddhartha Guatama (Buddha).

14 Who spread Buddhism throughout India, China and the rest of Asia? How did this person spread the religion?

15 Answer: Asoka and through missionaries

16 How did the Aryans get around the physical features to invade India?

17 Answer: Khyber Pass

18 What did the city of Mohenjo- Daro have, that many cities still have today?

19 Answer: Sewers

20 What language did the Aryans speak?

21 Answer: Sanskirt

22 In the Caste System, who were the Kshatriyas, Vaistas and the Sudras ?

23 Answer Kshatriyas (noble fighters)  Vaistas (ordinary people)  Sudras (peasants)  Untouchables

24 True or False? One cannot move from the caste to which they are born.

25 Answer: True

26 Which civilization did Asoka rule?

27 Answer: Mauryan Empire

28 Was the Hindu religion considered polytheistic or monotheistic?

29 Vocab: knowledge that all thoughts and actions result in future consequences

30 Answer: Karma

31 In the Hindu religion, every living thing is made up of this and it is the all-powerful force.

32 Answer: Brahman

33 What is the atman in Hindu religion?

34 Answer: Soul

35 What is the life goal for every Hindu?

36 Answer: The goal of existence is a union of one’s atman with Brahman. - Moksha

37 Vocab: Rebirth based upon karma

38 Answer: Reincarnation

39 True or False? Moksha can be reached in one life time

40 Answer: False

41 Vocab: This refers to the religious and moral duties of a person

42 Answer: Dharma

43 What is the life goal for Buddhist?

44 Answer: Reach Nirvana (union with the universe and release from the cycle of rebirth

45 True or False? Men and women are treated equal in the Buddhist religion.

46 Answer: True

47 What is the holy book of Buddhist?

48 Answer: Tripitaka or “The Three Baskets of Wisdom”

49 What is this known as in the Buddhist religion? 1.All beings suffer- it is part of being human 2.People are driven by worldly desires which cause the soul to be reincarnated 3.By eliminating desire, people can eliminate suffering 4.Desire can be eliminated and Nirvana attained by following the Eight Fold Path

50 Answer: Four Noble Truths

51 What are these known as in the Buddhist religion? 1.Right View– See things through and grasp the things around you. 2.Right intention– Commitment to ethical and mental self improvement. 3.Right Speech- Don’t lie. 4.Right Action- Golden rule. 5.Right Livelihood- Earn your living in a legal and peaceful way. 6.Right Effort- Need to try to live appropriately. 7.Right Mindfulness- To see things as they are. 8.Right Concentration- All thought directed onto one objective, usually meditation

52 Answer: Eightfold Path

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