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1 Hinduism


3 Hinduism Hinduism cannot be traced back to a single person’s ideas
Instead blends ancient Aryan traditions with beliefs of conquered peoples Aryan priests preserved sacred texts the Vedas and the Upanishads

4 Hindu Beliefs Brahma is the single supreme force that unites the universe There are many gods, each symbolizing a form of Brahma Three main gods in Hinduism: Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva

5 Gods of Hinduism Brahma: Creator of the World
Vishnu: Preserver of the World Shiva: Destroyer of the World

6 Hindu Beliefs Every Individual has a Soul
Each Individual Soul is part of a Universal Soul known as the Atman While most of the world sets goals of personal wealth, Hindus believe that goals of personal wealth only brings pain and suffering

7 Hindu Beliefs The Only Goal in Life is to free the soul from its individual existence through reunion with Atman This Goal can take many life times Thus Hindus believe in reincarnation

8 Reincarnation The cycle of births and rebirths experienced by the soul as it passes from one body to another This can include both humans and animals In each cycle the soul moves closer or further away from Atman Actions in life affect whether you move up or down in your reincarnated form

9 The Caste System Indian society is divided into many classes under the caste system An individuals place in society is dependant on their actions in their past life These past actions in life are known as Karma

10 Karma An individual can move up in society by obeying religious duties and moral laws These can include obeying caste regulations on diet, work and social behaviour Disobeying these laws can result in rebirth as an animal UH OH!

11 The Caste System By 600 BC, Brahmans had become highest members in Hindu society Brahmans were believed to be closest to Atman They were tasked with guarding sacred tasks and performing religious rituals

12 Brahmans To be highest members of society meant they must have obeyed the caste laws in a past life Some Hindus were critical of the power and lifestyle of the Brahmans The most famous critic was Siddhartha Gautama, eventual founder of Buddhism

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