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1 Hinduism

2 Aryan Invasion Aryans Tall Light skinned Warriors Herders

3 The Vedas Oldest known literature In Sanskrit
Were oral traditions that were eventually written down Resulted from a combination of Aryan and Dravidian beliefs


5 Brahman & the Hindu Trinity

6 Brahma The creator

7 Vishnu The preserver The source of love

8 Shiva The destroyer of ignornace

9 Other Hindu Gods Parvati Is married to Shiva Had a child, Ganesh

10 Other Hindu Gods Ganesh * The remover of all obstacles


12 Hindu Cosmology Everything in the universe is a manifestation of Brahman


14 Maya Illusion Delusion To think of oneself as separate from all things
To lose sight of the fact that one is a manifestation of Brahman, of God

15 Atman The “soul” Is eternal and unchanging It is Brahman
It is what is reincarnated It seeks self-realization

16 Salvation - Moksha One is no longer reborn – to be released from the cycle of death and rebirth Consciousness reunites with Brahman The Hindu concept of Heaven


18 Law of Dharma The rules and guidelines one must follow in their current incarnation Was determined by one’s karma in their previous life It is better to do one’s dharma badly than to do another’s well

19 Samsara - Reincarnation


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