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The Big Three Monotheistic Religions

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1 The Big Three Monotheistic Religions
Christianity, Islam, Judaism


3 Judaism OLDEST of the “Big” 3. Began 3500 years ago!!!!
Began in Southwest Asia Practiced today mostly in Israel and pockets in the US and Europe Considered an Ethnic Religion

4 Judaism: God Believe in ONE God (Monotheistic) The God of Abraham
Called Adonai in Hebrew

5 Judaism: Holy Book & Language
TeNaKh (in 3 parts) Torah is the most important part The law of God Hebrew is the sacred language

6 Judaism: Key Beliefs Moses is Judaism’s most important prophet (teacher spoken to by God) Lie a good life according to the rules of the Torah Pass on Jewish traditions to one’s family

7 Judaism: Practices, Rituals and Holidays
Keep the Sabbath Holy Family meal-breaking bread and sharing wine Fast during Yom Kippur (day of atonement) Give to the needy Kosher food-no pork, shellfish, or meat prepared with dairy

8 Judaism: Building, Leader and Day of Worship
Synagogue Rabbi Friday evening to Saturday Evening

9 Judaism: Sects Reformed Orthodox Conservative

10 Judaism: Holy Site in Jerusalem
Wailing Wall

11 Christianity: God Believe in One God (monotheistic) God of Abraham
Called Yahweh Practiced today all over the world

12 Christianity: Holy Book and Sacred Language
Bible ( 2 parts) Old Testament New Testament No real sacred language, though most historic texts are written in Latin or Greek.

13 Christianity: Key Beliefs
Based on the life and teaching of Jesus Christ Trinity: God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit Jesus was both Human and Divine Christ died on the Cross, was buried and rose 3 days later Ascended into Heaven Salvation: Heaven

14 Christianity: Practices, Rituals, & Holidays
Baptism: initiation into the faith Communion: represents Jesus’ last supper before death Christmas: Christ’s birth Easter: Christ’s death and ressurection

15 Christianity: Building, Leader, & Day of Worship
- Churches - Priests, pastors, ministers - Sunday worship services

16 Christianity: Sects Roman Catholic - Orthodox - Protestant
All believe Jerusalem is the holiest city (Christ died and rose)

17 Jerusalem Holy Site Church of the Holy Sepulcher

18 Islam Fastest growing world religion
Youngest of the monotheistic religions

19 God Believe in one God - The God of Abraham - Called Allah in Arabic

20 Holy Book: Parts & Sacred Language
- Koran (Qur’an) - Contains revelations God made to Muhammad - Arabic is the sacred language - Believers called Muslims

21 Key Beliefs - Born in Mecca (holiest city and center of Islam)
- Based on the teachings of Muhammad - Born in Mecca (holiest city and center of Islam) - Believe he was the final prophet - Live according to God’s guidance  rewarded with salvation - Believe Moses and Jesus were prophets, but Jesus not divine

22 Practices, Rituals, & Holidays
- “Five pillars” - Declaration of faith - Pray 5 times a day - Almsgiving (charity) - Fasting during Ramadan - Pilgrimage to Mecca - Dietary laws: no pork or alcohol

23 Building, Leader, Day of Worship
- Mosque - Imam (prayer leader) - Friday noon prayers are most important

24 Sects - Sunni - Shi’ite - Differ over leadership in the Muslim community

25 Holy Site in Jerusalem Dome of the Rock
Mostly found in SW Asia and Central Asia


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