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Islam Geography & Spread (15 slides) Muhammad & Islam (30 slides)

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1 Islam Geography & Spread (15 slides) Muhammad & Islam (30 slides)
Scholars & Contributions (15 slides) Crusades & Modern Issues (15 slides) Review, Quiz & Assessment (15 slides)

2 Islam: Muhammad & Islam
7.2:  Students analyze the geographic, political, economic, religious, and social structures of the civilizations of Islam in the Middle Ages. 1: Identify the physical features & describe the climate of the Arabian peninsula, its relationship to surrounding bodies of land and water, and nomadic & sedentary ways of life. 2: Trace the origins of Islam and the life and teachings of Muhammad, including Islamic teachings on the connection with Judaism and Christianity. 3: Explain the significance of the Qur’an and the Sunnah as the primary sources of Islamic beliefs, practice, and law, and their influence in Muslims’ daily life. 4: Discuss the expansion of Muslim rule through military conquests and treaties, emphasizing the cultural blending within Muslim civilization and the spread/acceptance of Islam & the Arabic language. 5: Describe the growth of cities and the establishment of trade routes among Asia, Africa, and Europe, the products and inventions that traveled along these routes (e.g., spices, textiles, paper, steel, new crops), and the role of merchants in Arab society. 6: Understand the intellectual exchanges among Muslim scholars of Eurasia and Africa and the contributions Muslim scholars made to later civilizations in the areas of science, geography, mathematics, philosophy, medicine, art, and literature.

3 Review, Quiz & Assessment 1) Which of these statements is true?
A Judaism was the world’s first monotheistic religion B Islam was the world’s first monotheistic religion C Christianity was the world’s first monotheistic religion D All of these started at the same time E None of these are monotheistic religions

4 Review, Quiz & Assessment
2) Islam started in… A Jerusalem B Mecca C Rome D Baghdad E none of the above

5 Review, Quiz & Assessment
3) Muhammad… A Had a magic carpet B started the religion of Islam C was friends with Jesus D hated the poor E found a genie in a cave

6 Review, Quiz & Assessment
4) Jerusalem is… A An important city for Jews B An important city for Christians C An important city for Muslims D An important city for both Jews and Christians E An important city for Jews, Christians & Muslims

7 Review, Quiz & Assessment 5) The 5-Pillars of Islam include…
A Charity, Fasting and Pilgrimage B Reading the Qur’an, Charity, Fasting C Worshipping Muhammad, Pilgrimage, Charity D Profession of Faith, Fasting, Prayer E A and D

8 Review, Quiz & Assessment 6) Which statement is true?
A Jews read the Koran B Christians read the Koran C Muslims pray to Muhammad D all of the above E None of the above

9 Review, Quiz & Assessment
7) Islam spread throughout the Arab World for all of the following reasons EXCEPT: A Muhammad had a strong group of followers who promoted his message B The Arabian Peninsula was united by the military leader Abu Bakr C Arab merchants spread the religion of Islam D Muslims always sent missionaries to surrounding countries to convert people E Much of the Middle East was unified by a common language (Arabic)

10 Review, Quiz & Assessment
8) Which description best captures the Sunnah? A books written by Muhammad B Directions for how to pray 5 times a day C Directions on how to build a mosque D A translation of the Qur’an E Rules, laws and guidelines for Muslim daily living

11 Review, Quiz & Assessment
9) Which was NOT an important Arabian trade city? A Rome B Jerusalem C Baghdad D Medina E Mecca Jerusalem Baghdad Medina Mecca

12 Review, Quiz & Assessment 10) Islam first spread to the region of:
A Northern Europe (England, Germany) B Arabia and Northern Africa C Southern Africa D Southern Europe (Italy, France, Spain) E Eastern Europe (Poland, Russia)

13 Review, Quiz & Assessment Both believe the Old Testament is true
Venn Diagram Islam Christianity Similarities Founder was Prophet Muhammad Spread through traders/travelers Worship in a Mosque Read the Qur'an Followers called Muslims Holiest city is Mecca Spread in Middle East & Africa Believe in no God but Allah Founder was Jesus Spread by Missionaries Worship in a church Read the Bible Followers called Christians Holiest city is Jerusalem Spread in Europe & Americas Believe Jesus is son of God Both monotheistic Both believe the Old Testament is true Both have place of worship From Middle East Have a holy book Both practice prayer Both practice fasting

14 “The Big 3” Monotheistic Religions Mini-Quiz!
1) Earliest monotheistic religion 2) Jesus is the savior of the world 3) Muhammad is the prophet 4) Abraham is the father of these people 5) The Old & New Testament (Bible) is their holy book 6) The Torah (Old Testament) is their holy book 7) The Qur'an (Koran) is their holy book 8) They worship in a mosque 9) They worship in a church 10) They worship in a synagogue 11) The world’s largest religion 12) They believe in one god 13) Spread to North Africa by merchants & traders 14) Spread throughout Asia Minor by merchants 15) Started in the Middle East Judaism Christianity Islam

15 S.W.A.T. 21)A religious journey
22)Where Muslims are supposed to take a religious journey 20) Guiding rules, based on how Muhammad lived his life 20) The name to which the Muslim Turks changed ‘Constantinople’ 17)The Muslim house of worship 18) A ‘Holy War’ (in Arabic) 23)City that Christians, Muslims, & Jews have fought over in the past 24)Muslims have a mosque, Christians have this… 29) An area of the world that is mostly Muslim today 30) Muslims are to do this five times a day 28) Find a monotheistic religion 27) Find a monotheistic religion 25)Muslims have a Qur’an, Christians have this… 26) Find a polytheistic religion 16) The belief in only ONE God 19) The Holy book of Islam 15) The ‘Kaaba’ is an example of: 6) Holy City of Islam 7) People who spread the Islamic religion to Africa 4) Follower of Islam 3) Prophet of Islam 1) Founder of Islam 2) God of Islam 8) Groups traveling together 5) Charity, Fasting, Pilgrimage, Prayer, Profession of Faith 13) People living on-the-move 9) Which one is missing: Prayer, Charity Pilgrimage, Profession of Faith, _______ 12) Where Muhammad claimed to see revelations from god 14) People living permanently 11) Language of the Qur’an 10) Which is missing: Prayer, Fasting, Pilgrimage, Profession of Faith, _______ S.W.A.T. Monotheism Middle East Church Arabic Sedentary Caravan Buddhism Qur’an Muslim Mosque 5 Pillars of Islam Polytheism Charity Muhammad Nomadic Jihad Sunnah Allah Islam Traders Prayer Cave Shrine Merchants Pilgrimage Mecca Profession of Faith Fasting Arabia Istanbul Hinduism Bible Judaism Jerusalem Koran Christianity North Africa

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