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Major Monotheistic Religions

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1 Major Monotheistic Religions
Christianity Judaism Islam

2 Monotheism Frayer Model

3 Islam Followers called Muslims Believe in one God - Allah
Religion based on the example and life of Muhammad Read the Qur’an (Koran) Goal is to achieve salvation or eternal life in paradise with God

4 Diffusion of Islam

5 Judaism Followers called Jews Believe in one God – Yahweh
Religion is based on the teaching of their holy book called theTorah Read the Torah Goal is to live a good life according to the Torah and pass on Jewish traditions to one’s family

6 Diffusion of Judaism

7 Christianity Followers called Christians Believe in one God
Religion based on life and teachings of Jesus Christ Read the Holy Bible (Old Testament and New Testament) Goal is to achieve salvation (eternal life with God in Heaven)

8 Diffusion of Christianity

9 Effects of Diffusion Spread of the three major religions throughout the world Spread of languages associated with the religions throughout the world Conflict throughout history between the three religious groups (The Crusades) All three groups have historical claims to Jerusalem causing conflict over control of the area.

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