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Teenage Kicks Sex and Relationships Outreach Team.

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1 Teenage Kicks Sex and Relationships Outreach Team

2 Teenage Kicks Team Deliver a programme of sex and relationships group work covering all aspects of SRE Using participatory and youth work exercises to explore issues important to the group Around 6 hours of delivery with each group (3 x 2 hour sessions)

3 Targeting the young people that we work with Teenage Pregnancy Unit Next Steps Document - Young people most at risk of becoming teenage parents: Early onset of sexual activity Leaving school at 16 with no qualifications Poor contraceptive use Living in Care Mental health/conduct disorder/involvement in crime Alcohol and Substance Misuse Teenage motherhood Repeat abortions Low educational attainment Daughter of teenage mother Ethnicity Parental Aspirations

4 Themes covered in sessions Delay STI’s Contraception Condoms Emergency Contraception Pornography Body image Pregnancy Decision Making Sexuality Self Esteem Abortion Assertiveness

5 Negotiation Aspirations Values Rights Sex and the law Relationships Pleasure Sexual exploitation Drugs and Alcohol Domestic Abuse Signposting Evaluation

6 What young people are telling us… Language: –“virgin, fridgid – slag, slut” –“fraping” Media: –“Katie Price is a good Mam and a good businesswoman” –“Geordie Shore is mint cos they’re just like us” Porn: –body image, body hair – “its disgusting” –anal sex, “if you have anal you cant catch nowt –violent sex – “blue waffle, donkey punching” Condoms: –“he said it was painful so we didn’t use one” –“there’s girls to go out with and girls to f***”

7 Relationships: –Sexting and sending pictures “I didn’t know you had to be over 18 to send pics” –Casual sex rather than relationships “we’re just seeing each other, friends with benefits” Abusive language: –Young man “if my lass did that I would give her a slap” –Young Woman on Rhianna and Chris Brown “she’s a slag in her videos, she’s probly riddled with stuff, I would give her a slap” These issues come up in almost every session we deliver

8 Working with young people on healthy / unhealthy relationships Supporting young people to explore and identify what they feel is a healthy relationship Identifying what is unhealthy in a relationship through discussing issues such as jealousy Exploring what young people want from the relationships in their lives Developing skills and awareness around assertiveness, negotiation, confidence and self-esteem to underpin positive relationships Incorporating these issues / exercises into training we deliver through Newcastle Sexual Health training programme for workers improvement_newcastle-sexual-health-training-directory

9 What else can we do to support young people to build healthy and safe relationships? More prevention work on healthy / unhealthy relationships Media messages and positive role models Making pleasure part of SRE Porn versus reality Challenging assumptions and prejudices in a positive way Working with young people on their values and where they are at in an open and non judgemental way

10 If you are working with a group of young people… And would like Teenage Kicks to deliver our Sex and Relationships programme for them please contact: – –Tel: (0191) 2292913

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