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End User Changes GO LIVE May 13, 2010 PS Grants Implementation.

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1 End User Changes GO LIVE May 13, 2010 PS Grants Implementation

2 Outline I.Cost Share (Budget and Reporting) II.ePAF III.Award Email Notifications IV.ECAV V.Rebudgets VI.New or Changed Reports VII.Deadlines for Conversion

3 Cost Share Cost Sharing or matching, means that portion of project or program cost not borne by the Awarding agency. Most cost share is in the form of PI or staff effort. Must be tracked for reporting to awarding agency, auditors and federal cognizant agency.

4 Cost Share Cost share transactions can now be captured by the PS Grants Module. Cost share transactions are identified by including the award project number in the chartfield string. Must be included for Purchase orders, AP transactions, Pcard transactions, Payroll, service unit transactions and cost transfers.

5 Cost Share Example Dr. Jekyll received an award (C1010001) where he has committed 50% effort to the sponsor. The sponsor has agreed to pay 40% and the other 10% is cost share by the University. The department plans to fund the cost share from chartfield STATE COM999 00012 00000 since Dr. Jekyll has 10% effort paid from that source. The cost share chartfield will be STATE COM999 00012 00000 C1010001

6 Required Cost Share Mandatory/Required cost share will require that a full cost share budget be setup in PeopleSoft. This includes all OCAST Applied Research awards. If a cost share budget is not submitted with the proposal, you will be contacted by GCA when the award is received.

7 Cost Share -- ePAFs The 10% cost share effort must be setup like any other pay source in the PS Human Capital System. This would be done through an ePaf. Prior to entering the ePaf, the chartfield must be sent to GCA so it can be entered into the PS Financial System. (Send to GCA mailbox) If the chartfield is not setup in Grants first, the ePaf entry will fail. Directions for Account Code creation and ePaf entry can be found at:

8 Salary Cost Transfers All salary cost transfers will be required to contain the employees emplid and the month that the salary is being transferred for. Each employee and each month being transferred will have to have a separate line. When the award has ended, all salary cost transfers must be done in the month prior to the final report being due.

9 Milestone Notifications There will be no more paper based end of award notifications All notifications will be sent by email Automatic notice at 45 & 90 days Notice goes to PI and department contact Questions about notices received should be directed to your GCA accountant

10 Milestone Notification Subject: Award 20100021 Milestone END is due on 2010-01-11. Award 20100021 Milestone END is due on 2010-01-11. Please take an appropriate action to complete this task. Please process all outstanding vouchers and encumbrances for this project. Notify your payroll coordinator of pay source changes prior to the end of your award. Notify service units of a new chart field distribution for recurring charges. Shortly after the end date, you will be contacted by your Grants and Contracts representative to initiate the closeout process If you need additional time to complete your project, please contact the Office of Research Administration as soon as possible to initiate the extension process. NOTE: Disregard if this is not the final year of your federal award under Streamline Non-competing Award Procedure (SNAP) or Modular grant. Project end dates will be extended by our staff upon receipt of the new budget period information from the government agency until end of final year.

11 ECAVs All ECAVs will now be sent to ORA (send to your departmental SPA) If ORA does not already have a proposal or award letter, they will be contacting you for more information. An ECAV will not be set up without documentation that funds have been applied for. An ECAV for extension will not be approved without a formal request for extension of the project.

12 Rebudgets All rebudgets will now be sent to GCA. Please send to If the rebudget does not require sponsor approval, it will be processed within 2-3 business days. If the rebudget requires sponsor approval, it will be forwarded to ORA.

13 Financial Report Preparation Will need to start earlier All transactions must clear the financial system before the final (invoice or report) can be generated. Gift card transfers, petty cash reimbursements and deficit coverages must be processed prior to the final invoice being generated. No anticipated charges will be allowed, so make sure you have reviewed everything (final subrecipient invoices).

14 Invoice Copies to Departments Will be sent as a pdf file to the department contact. This will eliminate paper copies that were sent via campus mail.

15 Deadlines for Conversion Monday, April 26 th – This is the final day GCA will accept ECAVs. ECAVs should be only for awards with start dates prior to May 1, 2010. ECAVs for awards with start dates after May 1, 2010 should be routed to ORA for entry once the grant system comes up on May 13 th.

16 GCA Questions QUESTIONS? 16

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