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2011-2012 Budget Proposal MISSION STATEMENT We will support student achievement by developing and sustaining exemplary educational experiences; creating.

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1 2011-2012 Budget Proposal MISSION STATEMENT We will support student achievement by developing and sustaining exemplary educational experiences; creating and maintaining an environment that supports learning and embraces individuality; engaging in professional development that drives good instruction; and connecting with our larger community to present opportunities for adult involvement in the educational process. Mexico Academy & Central School CSD

2 Goals Preserve all Academic Programs; Ensure the health and safety of students and staff; Maintain our Fine Arts and Interscholastic Programs; Ensure long-term fiscal stability; Maximize efficiency measures to recoup savings; Provide a responsible tax increase to our community.

3 Challenges New York State Budget Deficit State Aid Reduction Miscellaneous Revenues Down Increasing Costs: Retirement and Insurances Contractual Obligations Unfunded Mandates Special Education Costs Transportation Costs Funding Continued Maintenance on Facilities

4 Staff Contractual Obligations Salaries & benefits are legally-binding contractual obligations; Retirement system contributions are State-mandated; Reductions are only accomplished by cutting staff; less staff impacts class size & services

5 Special Education Services are mandated & determined by CSE & IEPs Tuition for highly-specialized private placement and services Numbers of students & required services Smaller student to teacher ratios

6 Other Mandates Academic Intervention Services Achieving NCLB standards Statewide Data Collection Transportation to Private Schools Health Services for Private Schools AED Units & Training in their Use Building Structural & Fire Inspections And Many More…

7 Transportation 139 Daily bus routes; 1,900 students transported over 3,000 miles a day; Mandated transportation to private & parochial schools as far as 30 miles outside of District Funding for Bus Purchases (replacements)

8 Impact of Current Economic Climate Rising prices of commodities (energy, supplies and materials) Reduced revenue (state aid, other revenue sources) Elimination of Federal Grant Opportunities for 2011-2012 school year(ARRA)

9 Funds for Building Maintenance Capital improvement plans for ensuring the health & safety of our schools and community; General Fund dollars to continue our preventative maintenance program for our facilities (500,000 sq.ft.) ; Compliance with ADA requirements, OSHA, PESH, and other state and federal regulations.

10 About The Cost… Mandated Budget Items + Contractual Obligations = Majority of Budget Spending

11 Budget $43,500,000

12 Proposed Expenditures by Category CATEGORY2011-2012 Proposed Percent of Budget GENERAL$5,777,55613.28% INSTRUCTIONAL$22,168,01750.96% PUPIL TRANSPORTATION$2,482,6555.71% COMMUNITY SERVICE$39,260.09% UNDISTRIBUTED$13,032,51229.96%

13 Current Year vs. Proposed Budget Category2010-2011 Budget2011-2012 Proposed Budget % Change General Support$5,285,816$5,777,5569.30% Instructional$21,415,056$22,168,0173.52% Pupil Transportation$2,278,213$2,482,6558.97% Community Services$0.00$39,260 Undistributed$11,331,937$13,032,51215.01% TOTAL:$40,311,022$43,500,0007.91%

14 Expenditure Highlights Reduced staffing totaling approximately $890,000 in savings  10.8 FTE Instructional  3.0 FTE Non-Instructional  Primarily due to decreased enrollment and maximizing scheduling opportunities Reduced building and departmental supplies monies; Reduced overtime budget allocations; Co-curricular stipends reduced by approximately 10%; Utilize cost-savings initiatives to contain costs:  Competitive bidding for insurances and professional services  Transportation re-routing efficiencies  Re-structuring debt service  Use of distance learning opportunities and partnerships to provide course offerings

15 Three- Component Budget

16 The State legislation which requires the state’s school districts to have a public budget vote, includes the requirement that the budget be divided up into three components: program, capital, and administration.  Program Budget: This portion covers teacher salaries, school supplies, and all related educational costs.  Capital Budget: Refers to all facilities costs such as leases, annual debt service, custodial salaries and benefits, service contracts, custodial supplies, maintenance and repair of facilities, and utilities.  Administration Budget: This section includes central administration and school offices, along with clerical support, salaries and benefits, and related expenses of all school administrators, board of education expenses for planning, and other administrative activities.

17 Current Year vs. Proposed Budget ProgramAdministrativeCapital FY 2010-2011$29,880,6844,368,5366,061,802 As a Percent74.13%10.83%15.04% FY 2011-2012$31,277,3913,952,7748,269,835 As a Percent71.90%9.09%19.01%

18 Revenue Sources

19 Revenue Highlights Net decrease in our General State Aids, approximately 10% or $1,000,000+ Miscellaneous Revenues estimated to decrease by $280K over FY2010-2011 levels ARRA Funds totaling approximately $2.5 million ending June 30, 2011 PILOT agreement ending June 30, 2011, totaling $3.9 million

20 What Does the Budget Support? TAXES are expected to DECREASE to under $17 per share Supports all Music Programs: Band, Chorus, Orchestra Maintains all Sports Teams & Events Maintains all Extra-Curricular Activities & Clubs Provides Free Community Use of Buildings Supports Professional Development for staff Maintains all academic programs (UPK, AP Courses, Boces courses, Nova Net) Allows for the Upkeep and Maintenance of our Infrastructures

21 THANK YOU! Please remember to VOTE on Tuesday, May 17, 2011; Budget Information can be found on the District website under the Business Office page at

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