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ETSI Standards, open standards and Interoperability

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1 ETSI Standards, open standards and Interoperability
Enterprise Directorate-General European Commission EU ICT standardisation policy ETSI Standards, open standards and Interoperability Anne Lehouck DG ENTR/D4 Technology for Innovation/ ICT &e-business

2 EU ICT standardisation policy/ Facts
Directive 98/34 Principles and definitions, e.g.standard, openess, democracy, inclusiveness etc Recognised bodies: CEN, CENELEC and ETSI for ICT complemented by Council Decision 87/95 End-to end interoperability Specificities of ICT Functional standards It provides a basis for financial support to standardisation

3 Commission‘s interest in standardisation
Support to EU legal frameworks: New Approach such as R&TTE, EMC Others such as telecommunication Framework; electronic signatures Support to EU policies: eEurope Action plan eSAP eAccessibility

4 Adequacy of EU standardisation policy
Review of the Directive 98/34 COM (2004)674   ’The role of EU standardisation in support of policies and legislation’ Conclusion : standardisation has done what was expected; however there is room for improvement Support to new areas of legislation Support to competitiveness of enterprises Increase of efficiency of the system Increase visibility outside EU

5 Standardisation and ICT
Landscape has changed: e.g hardware to software, convergence, globalisation, impact fora & consortia Changing consituencies, challenge for the ESOs Focus on interoperability Conclusion: Need for strategic review of ICT standardisation policy

6 Objective: ICT standardisation policy study
Identify policy recommendations for an effective EU ICT standardisation policy Complementarity of public and private sector roles Effective use of standards in support of policies and legislation Competitiveness of EU industry Responsiveness to societal and environemental needs Global aspects Integrated approach : R&D, standards, implementation, interoperability testing etc

7 Issues to be addressed Interoperability Global dimension Participation in standardisation Societal needs Synergy fora&consortia Type of standards and vailibility of standards Open standards Policies such as : US, China

8 Study: To provide a recommendation
Open standards Definition not set in the EU standardisation policy yet However, based on processes as defined in Dir. 98/34: Open and due process Availibility of standards Maintenance of the standards Consensus IPR- (F)RAND European Interoperability Framework Study: To provide a recommendation

9 Publication of the call for tender: 3Q 2005
Some data Publication of the call for tender: 3Q 2005 Start of the work : beginning of 2006 Budget: 400 K Euro Deliverables: Proposed methodology First interim report: data and information capturing Second Interim report: analysis and proposals for recommendations Open workshop with stakeholders Final report and policy recommendations

10 Monitoring DG ENTR/D4 Commission services DG ENTR/C2, DGINFSO, DG Markt Steering Committee: Member States, industry and stakeholders EU standardisation organisations Set up by Commission Chaired by Commission and supported by contractor 2 meetings: approach & data capturing and draft report with recommendations& workshop scenario.

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