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Geography Semester Test. Q: The Indian subcontinent was once part of what other continent? A: Africa.

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1 Geography Semester Test

2 Q: The Indian subcontinent was once part of what other continent? A: Africa

3 Q: Most people in India live along this river valley? A: Ganges

4 Q: What is predicted to happen to the population of South Asia by 2050? A: Double

5 Q: Two main beliefs of Ghandi? A: Non-violence and truth.

6 Q: Dharma and Karma are two of the main beliefs of what religion? A: Hinduism

7 Q: Term for seasonal winds that bring rains in the summer and dry air in the winter? A: Monsoons

8 Q: Q: The Eastern and Western Ghats block rainfall to the A: Deccan Plateau

9 Q: Two South Asian countries that have nuclear capabilities? A: India and Pakistan

10 Q: Disputed area located between Pakistan and India? A: Kashmir

11 Q: Throughout the 1800s and early 1900s India was a colony of which European country? A: Great Britain

12 Q: Most people of Pakistan and Bangladesh today worship which religion? A: Islam

13 Q: Term for a follower of Islam? A: Muslim

14 Q: South Asia consists of how many countries? A: 7

15 Q: Country made up of several islands located in the Arabian Sea? A: Maldives

16 Q: Hindus believe what river is sacred? A: Ganges

17 Q: The Indus River flows mainly through which country? A: Pakistan

18 Q: Located in the Himalaya, what is the tallest mountain in the world? A: Mt. Everest

19 Q: Q: Religious policy that allows Arabs to have more than one wife? A: Polygamy

20 Q: Name the three main religions of the Indian Subcontinent? A: Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism

21 Q: Name of the Prophet who started Islam? A: Muhammad

22 Q: The eastern part of Pakistan became what country in 1971? A: Bangladesh

23 Q: The population density of India is highest in what location? A: Along the fertile rural areas next to the Ganges.

24 Q: Name of the large desert located in Pakistan? A: The Great Indian Desert

25 Q: Largest religious group in India? A: Hinduism

26 Q: Most of the Ganges Plain is farmed to produce what major crop? A: Rice

27 Q: South Asia’s earliest civilizations developed along what river? A: Indus River

28 Q: Religion founded by the awakened one? A: Buddhism

29 Q: Religion that most people follow in North Africa, Southwest Asia, and Central Asia? A: Islam

30 Q: Q: Jewish term for preparing meat and other food properly? A: Kosher

31 Q: How many pillars must the Muslims complete in their lifetime? A: 5 Pillars

32 Q: Islamic Holy City in Saudi Arabia? A: Mecca

33 Q: What must Muslims worldwide do five times daily? A: Face Mecca and Pray

34 Q: Ancient capital of the Israelites? A: Jerusalem

35 Q: Two groups fighting over the Gaza Strip and West Bank? A: Israelis and Palestinians

36 Q: Saudi Arabia’s economy is based mainly on what product? A: oil

37 Q: Process of taking seawater and removing the salt? A: desalination

38 Q: The Middle East holds what percent of the world’s oil reserves? A: 50%

39 Q: The Aswan High Dam is located on what river? A: Nile

40 Q: Saudi Arabia depends on other countries for what item needed to survive? A: Agricultural Products/Food

41 Q: Name of the area in the Middle East where the Romans expelled the Jews? A: Palestine

42 Q: Name of the Islamic Holy Book? A: Koran

43 Q: Ethnic group in the Middle East that wants independence/separate country? A: Kurds

44 Q: Name of the prophet who started Islam? A: Muhammed

45 Q: Q: Average annual precipitation in a desert climate? A: Less than 10 inches per year.

46 Q: Q: Strait used to ship over half of the world’s petroleum each year? A: Strait of Hormuz

47 Q: What is the world’s longest river? A: Nile

48 Q: Deserts cover what percent of the Middle East and North Africa? A: 50%

49 Q: The Tigris and Euphrates rivers run mainly through what Middle Eastern country? A: Iraq

50 Q: Q: Term for herding livestock in the Middle East? A: pastoralism (practiced by Bedouins).

51 Q: Group of countries that control world oil prices based on supply and demand? A: OPEC

52 Q: Term for land suitable for growing crops? A: arable

53 Q: The majority of the people in the Middle East are involved in this Economic Activity? A: farming

54 Q: Q: An area located on the edge of a desert, with a semiarid climate, is known as a A: steppe

55 Q: Q: The type of desert that results when moisture from the soil evaporates and chemical salts remains is a A: Salt Flat

56 Q: What is the #1 cause of death in sub-Saharan Africa? A: Aids

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