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Big Ideas Ch 3 Expression and Equations

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1 Big Ideas Ch 3 Expression and Equations
3. 1 Algebraic Expressions

2 How are they different? Expression Equation No = Can only simplify
Give an Numerical Expression: 3 +4 Give an Algebraic Expressions 3x+4 Has an = Solve for missing variable Give a Numerical Equation 3+4 = 7 Give an Algebraic Equation 3x +4 =7

3 Your brother tries to tell you that 6x +4 -2x is the same thing as 8x+4.
Is it? No!!! Explain why your brother’s answer is incorrect. It is incorrect because 6x -2x =4x not 8x What is the correct answer? The correct answer is 4x +4 How did you get the correct answer?

4 Terms After you turn all subtraction into addition using (KFC) terms are what is separated by addition signs

5 Like Terms Terms that have the same variables raised to the same exponent


7 Simplest Form Algebraic expressions are in the simplest form when it has not like terms and no parentheses.

8 Combine Like Terms If terms are alike, then you have add or subtract the coefficients (number in front of the variable) and keep the variable to its exponent.


10 simplify 14- 3z +8 +z 14+ (-3z) z -3z +1z +14+8 -2 z +22

11 Distributive Property
If there are parentheses and a number on the outside of the () distribute the number through the () then collect like terms


13 -2 (g +4) +7g -2(g) +-2(4) +7g -2g +(-8) +7g -2g +7g +(-8) 5g +(-8)
simplify -2 (g +4) +7g -2(g) +-2(4) +7g -2g +(-8) +7g -2g +7g +(-8) 5g +(-8)

14 Simplify

15 Homework Big Ideas Text Book Page 84 (1-20, 24) all

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