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Sound Art.

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1 Sound Art

2 What Is Sound Art ? - soundtracks performance broadcast music songs listening… - using sound “painting” with sound installation sound poetry spoken word avant garde poetry

3 “Music is the ultimate teacher” – Wassily Kandinsky

4 Kandisky, Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider) 1903

5 Kandinsky, Composition VII, 1913

6 Kandinsky, Composition VII, 1923

7 Russolo, “Music”, "We must break out of this limited circle of sounds and conquer the infinite variety of noise-sounds." —Luigi Russolo

8 Luigi Russolo – with his “Intonarumori”, c1920

9 Intonarumori means “Intoners”, or “Noise Machines”. Image 1919

10 John Cage, Score For Tape Recorder Work, 1952

11 John Cage, scores

12 Janet Cardiff – image from P.S.1 exhibition walk 2001

13 Resonance FM – The Art of Listening 104.4 fm

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