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INTOSAI Public Debt Working Group Updating of the Strategic Plan 2011-2016 Richard Domingue Office of the Auditor General of Canada June 14, 2010.

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1 INTOSAI Public Debt Working Group Updating of the Strategic Plan 2011-2016 Richard Domingue Office of the Auditor General of Canada June 14, 2010

2 Introduction  Public Debt Working Group mandate  Structure of INTOSAI’s Goal 3, “Knowledge Sharing”  “Encourage SAI cooperation, collaboration and continuous improvement through knowledge sharing, including providing benchmarks, conducting best practices studies, producing audit guidance material and performing research on issues of mutual interest and concern”

3 PDWG Focus  Capacity building  Partnership with IDI  To suport SAIs capacity on public debt management issues  INTOSAI’s Strategic Goal 2 “Institutional Capacity Building”

4 New Terms of Reference  Approved by the PDWG in Kyiv (2009 )  Clarify roles and responsibilities  Members  Chair  Project leaders  Host SAI 

5 Purpose of Strategic Plan (1)  20th anniversary of the PDWG  Updating the existing Strategic Plan for the next five years (2011-2016)  Activities to be undetaken  Leadership role  “champion” of public debt auditing issues  Promotion of sound debt management practices

6 Purpose of Strategic Plan (2)  Identification and analysis of public debt issues  Development of proposals for dealing with challenges  Addressing increasing demands and expectations of the INTOSAI community

7 Strategic Plan Overview  Working Group’s Mission Statement  Business and purpose of the PDWG  Vision Statement  What should be accomplished

8 Strategic Plan Overview  Two strategic goals  In support of the mission and vision statements  Definition of specific activities  achievement of the mission statement over the next five years

9 Mission Statement  “To advance the highest standards in public debt auditing and promote sound practices for debt management and appropriate data disclosure standards by sharing knowledge and experiences among members”

10 Vision Statement  “For the Public Debt Working Group to be recognized by the Supreme Audit Institutions (SAI) as the leading forum on public debt audit practices and debt management issues for its excellence in analyses, research, and capacity building projects as well as its publications”

11 Strategic Goals  Goal 1: Capacity building and enhancing SAI expertise  Building capacity and professional capacities of the Working Group  collaborative arrangements  Production of innovative research, studies, and guidance  Dissemination of knowledge through an active publication and capacity building program  SAI community needs

12 Strategic Goals  Goal 2: Strengthening the Working Group’s capabilities and measuring its impact  Promote active participation of members  Efficient communication between members and the INTOSAI community  Survey the impact of the Public Debt Working Group

13 Context  Financial and economic crisis  Fiscal deterioration  developed countries  Rapid increase  government debt and contingent liabilities  Discretionary fiscal stimulus and government spending  support of aggregate demand  Decrease of government revenues  economic contraction

14 Opportunities for the PDWG  Impact of the crisis  level and management of public debt  Influence of the economic turmoil  Unique position to support SAIs  Emerging public debt issues  New challenges

15 Goal 1 Proposed Activities  Maintain a specialized “Network of Experts” on public debt auditing and debt management practices throughout all the regions and all INTOSAI official languages  Increase the PDWG’s capacity  Analyses  Research products  Technical assistance

16 Goal 1 Proposed Activities  Collaborative agreements  SAI community  Government organizations  Academic institutions  International financial institutions  Strengthening collaboration with INTOSAI Development Initiative (IDI)

17 Goal 1 Proposed Activities  Coordinate the effort of the Working Group with the IDI to facilitate capacity building of public debt issues in SAIs  Collaboration with the IDI  Design, develop and deliver needs- based capacity building interventions  SAIs in developing countries

18 Goal 1 Proposed Activities  Transregional Capacity Building Programme for Audit of Public Debt Management  Assessment of outputs and outcomes of the programme  IDI and WGPD  Further capacity building interventions based on the results

19 Goal 1 Proposed Activities  Design an effective publication program that corresponds to SAIs’ needs and priorities  Creation of relevant products  Essays  Research papers  Guidelines on public debt issues  Attention to new debt management issues and challenges

20 Goal 1 Proposed Activities  Establish a process to update and review the guidance  WGPD  periodical review of guidelines on public debt

21 Goal 1 Proposed Activities  Develop guidelines for creating and disseminating the Working Group’s publications  Methodology  guarantee the development of high-quality products

22 Goal 1 Proposed Activities  Carry out occasional surveys and questionnaires among the SAI members of the INTOSAI  Collection of information  needs of the SAI community  Identification of gaps  Capacity-building activities  Publication program

23 Goal 1 Proposed Activities  Maintenance of an active list of projects  Coordination of its efforts with the IDI  Allowing the committee to periodically assess its performance in regard to Goal 1

24 Goal 1 Proposed Activities  Disseminate the Working Group’s products in all the INTOSAI regions and in INTOSAI’s official languages  Guaranteeing access to all countries  No language restriction

25 Goal 1 Proposed Activities  Maintain and review the Working Group’s website periodically  Ensuring website updating  Relevance of its contents  SAI community  International organizations  Government decision makers

26 Goal 1 Proposed Activities  Promote internship and staff exchange agreements between the members of the Working Group  Strengthening audit capabilities for public debt issues  Acquiring specialized knowledge on auditing techniques and working methods  Further dissemination within their SAIs

27 Goal 2 Proposed Activities  Periodically assess the scope of the Working Group  Occasional surveys  Analyze impact and contributions to INTOSAI  Achievement of its mission and vision statements  Periodical assessment of the committee‘s performance  Goal 2

28 Goal 2 Proposed Activities  Establish and maintain a collaborative relationship with the Task Force on Global Financial Crisis (TFGFCP)  Establishment and maintenance of sound working relations  INTOSAI community needs’ identification  Discussion of common issues  Support of respective research projects  Minimize potential duplication  PDWG member  responsible for this activity

29 Goal 2 Proposed Activities  Maintain an active relationship with the other regional groups, working groups, standing committees, task forces as well as other institutions dealing with public debt issues  SAIs needs’ identification  Exchange of knowledge and experiences  PDWG member  responsible for this activity

30 Goal 2 Proposed Activities  Facilitate and promote efficient communication systems between members  INTOSAI’s Collaboration Tool  Member-only discussion forum  PDWG official website  Better coordination of PDWG’s work and projects

31 Goal 2 Proposed Activities  Working Group’s members are expected to be active participants  Terms of Reference  participants’ expected responsibilities  PDWG members  Active  Proactive participation by all

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