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Federal and State Programs Title I Chat October 2, 2013.

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1 Federal and State Programs Title I Chat October 2, 2013

2 Housekeeping Print agenda from email or File Share Pod Audio should be working Use the Chat Pod to pose questions Meeting will be recorded for future reference Resources available for download in the File Share Pod at conclusion of meeting

3 Agenda Title I ◦ Audit Documentation ◦ LTMs and Collegial Planning ◦ Property and Equipment ◦ Food Guidelines ◦ Food Pre-Approval Checklist ◦ Parent University ◦ NHQ Parent Notification Letters ◦ Fall Requirements Updates ◦ SIG a Tutorials ◦ Overtime Waivers ◦ P Card Reminder ◦ Reimbursements for Charters

4 Title I September Required Audit Items e-checklist due Sept 30 Pending - 37

5 Title I October Required Audit Items e-checklist due Oct 31 Items, along with monthly documentation, will be reviewed during the November visit Tutorial Budget Planner (Y2) All coaches’ schedules/documentation of services for September (Y3) List of students in special programs (SAI, Migrant, ELL, Intensive) (Y6) Destiny inventory printout of mobile devices (G2) September LTM agendas, minutes, and sign-ins (R2)

6 Title I LTMs and Collegial Planning ◦ LTMs primarily focus on reviewing and analyzing data ◦ Collegial Planning sometimes referred to as Common Planning  Pacing, unit planning, lesson design  In response to a LTM Property and Equipment ◦ Label all items $350+ ◦ Maintain inventory list ◦ Add mobile devices in Destiny

7 Title I Food Guidelines ◦ Permitted only for parent trainings ◦ Must be reasonable in cost ◦ Document with invitation, agenda, sign-in sheets ◦ Seek pre-approval if cost is greater than $100

8 Title I Title I Food Purchase Pre-Approval Checklist ◦ Checklist should be submitted to specialist at least 5 days prior to event when food costs will exceed $100 ◦ Notifying your specialist is not sufficient for pre-approval – checklist is required ◦ RSVPs are helpful, but not necessarily accurate – use caution ◦ Be cognizant of other activities that may conflict with your training

9 Title I Parent University ◦ Trainings must focus on core content areas or build capacity of parents ◦ Schools must address needs of all parents, not just specific groups (i.e. ELL, ESE, Gifted, etc.) ◦ Food costs must be reasonable ◦ Title I Food Purchase Pre-Approval Checklist applies to Parent University ◦ Focus on the training, not the food

10 Title I NHQ Parent Notification Letters ◦ Bulletin released September 9 th ◦ NHQ parent notification letters mailed on September 20 th ◦ Verification due to HR October 4 th

11 Title I Fall Requirements ◦ Title I Faculty Presentation  Complete by September 27 th  File verification, agenda, and sign-ins in yellow folder 5 ◦ Title I Annual Meeting  Complete by October 31 st  Vodcast available in multiple languages  File verification, agenda, sign-ins, and minutes in blue folder 1

12 Title I Fall Requirements ◦ School-Parent Compact  Complete by October 31 st  Developed with parent input and document with agenda, sign-in sheets, and minutes  Translate to multiple languages for parent distribution  Include tear-off as evidence of distribution ◦ Parent Involvement Plan (PIP)  Complete by October 31 st  Email Terry Pitchford when complete  Work with Title I staff to meet compliance  Upon approval, create parent summary for distribution

13 Title I Fall Requirements ◦ Distribution of LEA PIP  Scheduled to be in schools October 23 rd  Email will be sent to confirm ◦ SPAR Notification  Bulletin being released next week  Required to provide written notification to parents of SPAR availability  Verification due to C-206 by October 31 st

14 Title I Fall Requirements ◦ Ten Components  Ensure SIP documents Ten Components  Reviewed and revised during school visits  Specialist maintains checklist  SIPs signed off by October 31 st

15 Title I SIG a Tutoring Program ◦ Submit all payroll and requisitions by October 31 st ◦ Buckets will be frozen on November 1st ◦ If overextended, journal entries will need to be submitted ◦ Email to principals with balances is forthcoming Overtime Waivers ◦ Approved waiver on file before any OT is incurred ◦ Complete budget transfer to cover OT in account 519990 ◦ Form 1862

16 Title I P Card Reminders ◦ September P Card closes this Friday ◦ Ensure Beth receives all requested documentation ◦ May be faxed or emailed Charter Reimbursements ◦ End of first quarter was September 30 th ◦ Begin assembling packet for submission for fund 4201 ◦ SIG a schools must submit packet by October 31 st ◦ May submit packets monthly

17 Title I Title I Chat Dates ◦ September 4 th ◦ October 2 nd ◦ November 6 th ◦ December 4 th ◦ January 8 th ◦ February 5 th ◦ March 5 th ◦ April 2 nd ◦ May 7 th

18 Title I File Pod ◦ Agenda for today’s meeting ◦ PowerPoint Presentation Just a friendly reminder Date Certain is December 20 th Stay on top of your FRPL percentage

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