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Unit 5 Music. Groups of people play different musical instruments together. Orchestra.

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1 Unit 5 Music

2 Groups of people play different musical instruments together. Orchestra

3 Serious and traditional style Classical Music

4 Many people get together to sing. Choral

5 Music of American Negro origin, very romantic. Jazz

6 Music or song in the traditional style of a country Folk Music

7 Talking and singing, also means “Hip-Hop” Rap

8 Type of music that comes from the folk music of the southern and western US. Country Music

9 Rock ’ n’ Roll Very loud sound and few people love it.

10 Listen and Guess

11 The Shin

12 The Beatles 披头士 ( 甲壳虫乐队 )

13 The Backstreet Boys 后街男孩



16 T h e M o n k e e s — t h e m o s t p o p u l a r b a n d i n t h e U S A i n 1 9 6 6 — 1 9 6 8 ! A big hit!

17 Reading

18 1.Why is it good for students to form a band and play in the street? 2.When did “The Monkees” break up and when did it reunite? They can earn ______________ and this can also give them ________ to realize their _____. “The Monkees” broke up in about_____ and it reunited in_____________. some extra money a chance dream 1970 the mid-1980s

19 Read the passage and try to match the main idea of each paragraph. Para. 1 Para.2 Para.3 Para.4 Dreaming of being a famous musician or singer How musicians form bands How the Monkees got their start How the Monkees become serious about the music business.

20 True or False? 1.They can earn some extra money if they form a band to play in the street.( ) 2. “The Monkees” broke up in about 1790 and it reunited in the mid-1980s.( ) T F 3.“The Monkees” was successful because they were serious about their work( ) 4. “ The Monkees” played one or two songs a year written by themselves ( ) 5.They produced a new record in 1996.( ) T F T

21 Close your books and match the following: 1.They produced a new record in 1996 4.However, the band broke up in about 1970, 2.Most musicians get together and 3.The first TV show A. but reunited in the mid-1980s B. was a big hit C. to celebrate their time as a band. D. form a band because they like to write and play music.

22 How to form a band of your own to take part in the “Super Band” show? Discussion: It’s your turn now.

23 How to choose a name for a band? What kind of music to play? Who will play what instrument and who will sing? How to make a band famous? ……  Group Work

24 Thank you! Goodbye!

25 Discussion Now in pairs discuss the following questions with your partner 1.What kind of music do you like? 2.Which singer do you like best and why? These phrases will help you. I prefer… Why do you prefer… I like …best because… I hate…. My favorite singer is… I enjoy listening to… I am fond of… I don’t like… very much.

26 Sample dialogue: A:What kind of music do you like, pop music or …? B:I like…, because… A:Who is your favorite singer? B:Well, I prefer /like… Her/his music makes me feel… Who do you prefer? A: I like …. B: …

27 The Monkees is made of a band of four _________, who _____________each other as well as played music. They gave so good __________ that their fans supported then fiercely. A year _____ they became more serious about their work, The Monkees ____________________ and played their own music. The band ________ in about 1970, but _________in the mid-1980s. musicians played jokes on performances or so produced their own records broke up reunited


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