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Joel Crawford – Sales Director EMEA Christoph Benning – Sales Director Germany OMD DE.

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1 Joel Crawford – Sales Director EMEA Christoph Benning – Sales Director Germany OMD DE

2 Agenda  Introduction  Digital Landscape  ACM integrated Platform  Product Vision  Products and Services  Open discussion

3 OMD & Eyeblaster Leading with Global Presence and Support and innovation  Local presence for account support√  Accounts hierarchy for management and reporting√  Assets management√  EYEBLASTER

4 Search Display Emerging Media  Challenge: It is getting harder to effectively manage campaigns as they run on multiple channels (search, display, games).  Solution: Consolidate reports and data analytics through Eyetracker. Faster, easier and more efficient reporting with the Excel plug-in tool. The Digital Challenge Simplifying Campaign Management Get a bird’s eye view of cross channel campaigns from one source and save time.  Benefit: New Reporting

5 Planning Tools Trafficking Tools Tracking and Optimization Tools Reports and Analytics Legacy Display Technology Rich Media Display Technology Flash MX MXP Components Video Communication Layer Creative Shop Interface Media Agency Interface Publisher Interface Ad Creation Tools Client Control Message AuthoringCampaign ManagementDisplay Technologies E-mail Search IPTVIPTV Web MobileGames ACM Providing unified digital marketing solutions >

6 The Eyeblaster Portfolio Integrated Solutions That Work Advertising Campaign Management (ACM) Suite Integrated solutions that help clients and the parties they serve - bring brands to life All format types and templates, video, interactive features Ad serving across all digital channels, including planning and buying tools Search bid mgmt ROI analysis and optimisation De-duped search and display Casual game ad solutions User ad policy FUTURE  Mobile  VOD  IPTV

7 2006 Q1Q2Q3Q4 Eyeblaster, 2006 and highlights Achievements

8  Excel & Quick Trafficking  Quick duplication of placements  Inline creation of standard banners  Multiple Edit of placements and ads  Generate bulk of tags for multiple placements  Send tags via email  Trafficking API Trafficking tools

9 Trafficking tools - Export Basic Media Plan

10 Trafficking tools - Choose Publishers

11 Trafficking tools - Fill Excel

12 Trafficking tools - Quick Trafficking

13 Trafficking tools - Quick Trafficking – Duplicate Placements

14 Trafficking tools - Inline Standard Banner Creation

15 Trafficking tools – View Ad Level

16 Trafficking tools – Tracking Pixel

17 Trafficking tools – Multiple Placement code generation

18 Creative approval process – Increased efficiency

19  Scalable trafficking solution  Flexible workflow  Concise graphical overview of placements and ads  Quick editing Trafficking tools - Advantages

20  Automated creative selection based on optimised metric:  Clicks  Conversions  Interactions (Industry only)  Turn on and off on placement or campaign level  Select single or multiple ‘Best performing ads’, other ads will be placed in a control group  Proprietary Eyeblaster optimisation algorithm Automatic Optimisation

21 ACM Enable Automatic Optimization > a single flight - updating Ad Rotation

22  Filtering  Bandwidth  Operating System  Browser  Screen resolution  Behavioural targeting  déjà vu  Behavioural sequencing  Sequencing  Weight based  Time based  Ad grouping Targeting & Sequencing

23 Targeting – Filtering on Ad Level

24 Tagging an advertiser’s site enables you to classify users according to their behavior on that site. Déjà Vu Tracking Tags A Powerful Behavioral Targeting Tool FLASH DEMO In future campaigns, you can serve different ads according to those users’ classifications.

25 Who should use it?  ACM agencies/advertisers looking to leverage behavioral data to increase the effectiveness of campaigns over time. Benefits  Targeting users with relevant creative ensures higher performance rates  Don’t waste acquisition costs on existing customers/cross/up sell  This is a retention tool for agencies – the knowledge base collected allows the agency to offer an added value that increases as they continue to service their client.  A true behavior-driven targeting solution ACM V1.5 Key Features & Benefits – DejaVu Targeting

26  Per placement buy data: Cost base, Cost & Action value  Easy setup via Quick & Excel trafficking  Choose from multiple success metrics  Click  Conversions  Interactions  Auto-Optimise to maximize ROI  Include and exclude ads from rotation on the fly ROI Management


28  Track counter and sales activity on advertiser website  Control of reporting frequency: Campaign, 24 hours, Session & Unique  Collect sales value and unlimited additional parameters  Automatically De-dupe sales based on last cookie dropped  Variable cookie window (data rerun facility)  Path to conversion  Report by Conversion Time/Exposure Time Post Impressions / Post Click tracking


30 Dashboard  Overview of campaigns with Dashboard Detailed reports  Detailed reports on each campaign Excel ™ plug-in tool  In-depth look at results in format you need MONITOR ANALYZE INSIGHTS Eyetracker New reporting overview

31 Look for the menu in your Excel ™ application Use the toolbar for the sign-in option and the sign-in interface appears Create reports from a variety of report options in the drop- down menu. Choose from a variety of pivot table fields for your report. Easy drag and drop interface makes loading the pivot table easy. Create a custom report designed to your specifications. To share reports, go to the dropdown menu and click Share Report. Click the OK button to upload for saving and sharing. The share report menu opens. Name your report and click OK. Your report is uploading. You will be prompted to save your custom report. Eyetracker How does it work?

32 Unified Weighted ROI Report Weights Center Easy monitoring through New Reporting Unified ROI Report Insight into Customer Journey De-duplication Integrated Interactive Marketing Robust Workflow and Comprehensive Analytics How can I avoid double counting of conversions? How can I get more accurate ROI for better optimization? Is there a way to simplify cross channel campaign monitoring? How can I use the customer journey for optimization? What can give me better optimization per publisher and per ad? Where can I get cross channel performance in one place?

33 CAMPAIGN Day 1 Day 5 Day 10 Day 15 UNIFIED Tracking System 40% 10% 40% SALE! Car Insurance 2 4 New Jersey Car Insurance Car Insurance Quote 3 Display Ad 1 Comprehensive Cross Channel Analytics By using the weights center, the user can view the customer journey, from display and search channels, resulting in a completed transaction.

34  One unified report offers you cross channel de-duplication  increased ROI and more accurate basis for optimization.  Unique ability to track path to conversion with historic clicks for the same conversion, allowing you to “weight” the value for the final sale to different clicks*  Use cross channel interplay to optimize campaigns accordingly. Integrated Interactive Marketing Unified Reports *Detailed path to conversion option will be available 1H 07.

35 Example of Unified ROI Report by Campaign Compare CPA for each advertising level Understand overall ROI between search and display Measure cross channel performance in one report Comprehensive Integration

36 Comprehensive Cross Channel Analytics Unified Weighted ROI Report  This report has the same structure as the unified ROI report, and you can drill down to an ad/keyword level. More accurate ROI means better optimization per publisher and per ad

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