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Year 8 Art Homework Surrealist Faces.

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1 Year 8 Art Homework Surrealist Faces

2 What is Surrealist Art? Surrealism was started by a group of artists & writers in the 1920s Surrealists did not want to think logically but wanted to write or paint the ideas that were buried deep in their minds Surrealist artists often put objects together in one painting that are unrelated to each other Surrealist Art often looks like a scene from a dream or nightmare Surrealist paintings can include imaginary creatures, twist realistic images or play around with the scale of things

3 Follow the instructions on the next few slides. . .
Look at the picture opposite. It is by the surrealist artist Salvador Dali & is called ‘Face of Mae West which could also be used as an apartment’ The face of Mae West, which on closer sight appears to be a room. Her eyes are paintings and her hair are curtains on the sides. Her mouth is a couch. Your task is to complete your own Surrealist picture of a face which could also be a room. To complete this task you will use drawing and collage. Follow the instructions on the next few slides. . .

4 Start with an A4 sized picture of a face – this should be a pale background which you are able to work over (you could trace the outline of a picture from a magazine/newspaper/your own photograph or print out one of the faces at the end of this slide show) For example . . .

5 2) Draw a horizontal line across the face, making sure it cuts across the nose
For example . . .

6 3) Draw a rectangle around the face & then draw a line from each corner of the rectangle to the nearest corner of the page – this creates your room shape For example . . .

7 4) Collect pictures of objects which could be found in a room from magazines or draw your own
Cut them out and stick them onto the face – start with the eyes nose & mouth For example . . .

8 5) Add some unusual hair which could double as curtains

9 6) Add colour to the walls & draw in the floor, this could be tiles, floorboards or carpet of your choice. Make sure you can still see some parts of the face.

10 Look back at the face of Mae West to help you with your ideas.
7) Add in any finishing touches you need, e.g. Detail on the ceiling, steps under the chin, or you may want your surrealist face to be wearing jewellery Look back at the face of Mae West to help you with your ideas.

11 7). Step back & admire your work
7) Step back & admire your work. Put your name on it & hand it in to your class teacher There are pictures you can print out on the next few slides if you need them, but your work will be more personal if you can find your own picture. Good Luck!








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