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The Cryosphere Grade 10 Science.

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1 The Cryosphere Grade 10 Science

2 Cryosphere The cryosphere consists of all the frozen water on the Earth’s surface.

3 Pack Ice Pack ice is composed of the ice floating on the oceans near the North and South poles.

4 Melting Pack Ice

5 Glaciers A glacier is a mass of ice on land, formed by compressed snow.


7 Compressed snow turns to ice

8 Icebergs

9 Iceberg

10 Iceberg

11 Iceberg

12 Iceberg

13 Greenland

14 Glaciers and pack ice melting
Impacts: Sea levels rise due to glacier melting Affects thermohaline ciculation Fresh water is released from glaciers  mixes with the Gulf stream density of water decreases  water does not sink  ocean currents slow (but will not stop)

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