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Transforming the Roman World (The Dark Ages)

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1 Transforming the Roman World (The Dark Ages)
World History I

2 New Germanic Kingdoms After the fall of Rome, Europe entered a period known as the Middle Ages. Early Middle Ages, also known as the “Dark Ages,” lasted from approximately 500 AD – 1000 AD. By 500, the Western Roman Empire was replaced by a number of states ruled by German kings. Only the kingdom of the Franks will prove long-lasting. Over time, the Germans and Romans began to intermarry and create a new society. The family (and extended family) was very important to the Germans.

3 The role of the Church The church was very important in the development of the European civilization. By the 4th century, the Roman Catholic Church had developed a system of organization. The pope was the leader of the church. Under the pope was a group of bishops, who ruled a group of churches. Each local Catholic church was led by a priest. In the 6th century, Gregory I strengthened the papacy (the office of the pope) and the Roman Catholic Church.

4 The role of the Church, cont.
The growth of the Catholic Church was helped by monks. Monk - man who separates himself from ordinary society to pursue a life of total dedication to God. Monks provided education, hospitality, medical care to those in their communities. Missionaries, monks who worked to convert non-Christians to Catholicism, helped spread Christianity throughout Europe. By 1050, most of the western Europeans were Catholics. Women also began dedicating their lives to God, becoming nuns.

5 Charlemagne & the Carolingians
Clovis, leader of the Franks, united many Barbarian tribes. Clovis also converted to Christianity to gain support of Europe’s Catholics. In 768, Charlemagne became leader of the Franks. He was a fierce leader, strong statesman, and devoted Christian. Charlemagne greatly expanded the Frankish kingdom and created the Carolingian Empire, controlling much of West and Central Europe. He became the world’s most powerful Christian ruler.

6 Charlemagne & the Carolingians, cont.
In 800, Charlemagne was given a new title by the Pope – Emperor of the Romans. Charlemagne believed in an enduring Roman Empire. This period is known to historians as the “Holy Roman Empire.” Charlemagne promoted learning in his kingdom. His efforts led to new interest in classic Latin, Greek, and Roman works. Most of the Roman works we still have today exist because they were copied by Carolingian monks.



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