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Post Classical Era 600 - 1450.

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1 Post Classical Era

2 Early Post Classical Age

3 Enlarged Civilization sites
During Classical Era: Mediterranean Basin South Asian Subcontinent Northern Chinese Plain Mesoamerica Andean Region



6 Emerging Zones: new locations
Interior Eastern Europe Sub Saharan Africa West & East Northern Europe Extension of East Asia: Korea & Japan Southeast Asia

7 Expansion of trade Trend: From Local trade Regional Trade Impact:
New Silk Road Indian Ocean Mediterranean South China Sea Trans-Saharan Vertical Trade – Americas Impact: Diffusion (technology, disease, religion) Development of cosmopolitan CITIES

8 ZONES OF DEVELOPMENT: Post Classical Age

9 MAJOR TRADE ROUTES: Post Classical Age

10 Dominant Culture Pax Islamica End of Classical Balance of Power
Empires as a political system declined Development of Arab Kingdoms Spread & Adaptation of Muslim Beliefs, into… Southern Europe India North, West & East Africa Middle East Pax Islamica

11 Spread of World Religions
Trend: Polytheistic One creator European Sphere – Christianity (E&W) East & Southeast Asia – Buddhism South Asia & Southeast Asia – Hinduism North South Asia, West Asia & Africa – Islam Impact of: Organized Churches, Monasteries, Clergy, Religious scholars Impact ON: Literature, Learning, Gender

12 So, What will we study? Mediterranean Basin Indian Ocean
Eastern Europe (Byzantine Empire, Rise of Russia) Arab Caliphates & Muslim Invaders (Caliphates) Western Medieval Europe Sub Saharan- West African Kingdoms (Gold for Salt Trade) Indian Ocean East African City-States South Asia - India Southeast Asia (Vietnam) East Asian Development Chinese Reunification (Tang & Song) Creation of Korean Kingdoms & Japan

13 General Characteristics
Arab-Muslim Influence strong Spread of Civilization beyond classical empire zones (Regional Civilizations) Spread of World Religions which define regional civilizations Development of World Trade Networks

14 New Nomadic Invaders, Disease & Late Post Classical Empires
What happens after 1200? New Nomadic Invaders, Disease & Late Post Classical Empires

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