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Psychoactive Drugs Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) Active Ingredient = THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) Short-Term Effects Slowed thinking Distorted sense.

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1 Psychoactive Drugs Marijuana (Cannabis Sativa) Active Ingredient = THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) Short-Term Effects Slowed thinking Distorted sense of time and space Loss of balance and coordination Increased appetite Anxiety Short Term Memory Long-Term Effects Effects Central Nervous System Respiratory problems = lung cancer Loss of ability to add to long term memory Medical usage = Glaucoma, nausea in cancer, relieves pain in MS patients. Stored in fatty tissue for several weeks. Detect in urine = 27 days

2 Narcotics Opiates – Unripened seeds of the poppy flower. Kill pain, suppress coughs and relax => VERY ADDICTIVE Morphine = pain killer Codeine = cough suppressant Methadone = used to ‘ease’ heroin addicts to avoid withdrawal

3 Narcotics (cont.) Heroin (smack, horse) Short term effects = mental confusion, low BP, decrease in HR, low body temp., respiratory depression Long term = constipation, diminished fertility, mood swings Easy to OVERDOSE

4 Stimulants Amphetamines (speed, bennies, uppers) = Speeds up the CNS. Medically used to reduce appetite and treat nervous disorder. –Effects = Gives a “rush”, headache, diarrhea, sweating. Also makes you mistrustful. –Overdose = convulsions, coma, death. Methamphetamine (crystal, ice, meth) = An illegal member of the Amphetamine family. The yellowish crystals are crushed and smoked, injected, or inhaled. The effects last for hours. Effects = euphoria, loss of appetite, increased alertness, hyperactivity. Extremely addictive! Dangers = permanent brain damage, kidney and liver damage. Cocaine (snow, rock) = comes from the coca plant. As a paste it can be smoked. As a white powder is can be snorted, smoked, or eaten. As a rock, it is smoked. It speeds up the CNS, especially the pleasure center and may cause a loss of knowing reality. An overdose will bring on a stroke or heart attack. Physically and psychologically dependent.

5 Depressants Depressants, in general, slow the function of the CNS and have effects similar to drinking alcohol. When used in combination with alcohol, the effects are increased. An overdose may cause a person to stop breathing. Rohypnol (roofies) – A powerful hypnotic drug which is used as a date-rape drug. It easily dissolves into drinks without a noticeable taste. DMX (dextromethorphan) = Used in prescription cough syrup. In higher doses, the user feels “spacey”.

6 Inhalants Inhalants = gasses that are inhaled from various products including paint, glue, propane, and nitrous oxide. Short term Effects = Similar to alcohol. Dizziness, loss of inhibitions, loss of coordination. Long term Effects = Liver, lung, and kidneys. Tremors, coordination, speech, walking. Damage –Killing massive numbers of brain cells is the major issue –May damage other organs –Can cause sudden death

7 Club Drugs Ecstasy – MDMA –(mthylenedioxymethampetamine) –Effects – Stimulant and hallucinogen –Side Effects = muscle tension, rapid heart heat, impaired memory, high blood pressure, possible heart attack, possible heat stroke because the ability to control body temperature is decreased. GHB (Gamma Hydroxbutyrate) – clear liquid or white powder. Used as a rape drug. Effects – Euphoria, relaxation, dizziness, loss of inhibitions, Higher doses cause of loss of memory, respiratory problems, seizures, coma, and death. Ketamine, also known as ‘Special K’. Effects = hallucinations, numbness, inability to move, loss of memory, and dissociation. Often used as a rape drug. PCP, also called Angel Dust. Effects = mild euphoria, distortion of reality, psychotic behavior. Suicide and accidental death are common as are seizures and coma. The effects last a few hours to several days.

8 Hallucinogens LSD (Acid) = Made from a grain fungus. –Method = Usually a small square of paper placed in the mouth. –Effect – Rise in blood pressure, chills, fever, trembling, and confusion of the senses. –Sometimes users panic when they can’t stop the trip. –Flashbacks = LSD is fat soluble and flashbacks may occur. –Addiction = the psychological desire to continue using is overwhelming. Psilocybin (mushrooms) – Eaten. Effects = cramps, sweating, vomiting, followed by a trip. PCP – talked about earlier….can also be a hallucinogen.

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