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GEO Work Plan Symposium 2011 Infrastructure May 5, 2011.

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1 GEO Work Plan Symposium 2011 Infrastructure May 5, 2011

2 Infrastructure Preamble text is needed for each of the three sections proposed in Work Plan V0. Infrastructure includes: –GEOSS Common Infrastructure –Earth Observing Systems –Earth Data Sets –GEOSS Communication Networks –Standards and Interoperability Gap Analysis, Capacity Building, User Engagement to be addressed in each of the IN tasks

3 6 GEOSS Design and Interoperability V01 GEOSS Common Infrastructure 1 GEOSS Common Infrastructure V03 Earth Data Sets 4 GEOSS Communication Networks V05 Gap Analysis V02 Earth Observing Systems 2 Earth Observing Systems 3 Earth Data Sets V0 Break-out Recommendation V04 GEOSS Communication Networks To be addressed in each task V1 proposal

4 Presentation of each 2012-2015 Work Plan Task Target-based Definition, Deliverables and underpinning Leads and Priority Actions 2009-2011 sub-task re-organization Related 2009-2011 Work Plan implementation progress Inclusion of new proposals Estimation of resources available Issues, gaps and possible measures

5 IN-01 GEOSS Common Infrastructure Definition: Text to be modified: Focus will be on the operations, maintenance, and enhancement of GEOSS Common Infrastructure. Split-out of GEOSS design/requirements/research into a new Task Deliverables: Text to specify contributions from multiple sources (e.g. DSTF), Gap analysis to be included. Related Tasks: Add Data Sharing task and Quality Assurance task, Move WIS to EO Systems (under IN- 03)

6 IN-01, continued New Proposals: None Resources Available: GCI Component Operators are responsible for operations and enhancement through 2015; adding EuroGEOSS, GENESI-DEC. Upcoming GEO-WOW FP project funded through Sept 2014 Issues and Gaps: Propose close relationship with GEOSS Design and Interoperability task (new task); Engagement with users, Communication with data providers Performance indicators: Provided earlier to M&E

7 IN-02 Earth Observing Systems Definition: re-ordered to reflect highest priority activities Deliverables: Inserted User Interface language and other editorial changes; Gap analysis to be included. Related tasks: Include WIS, Add crowd-sourcing New Proposals: Discussion indicated no discrepancies Resources Available: Not discussed Issues and Gaps: Increased advocacy for sustained EO networks and increased coordination for in situ networks; alignment between deliverables and definition; coordination with Earth Data Sets Performance Indicators: No additions

8 IN-03 Earth Data Sets Definition: Additional words provided by UIC related to sustainability; ADC: common vocabulary, core metadata, and registration Deliverables: Clarify to encourage development of data sets rather than develop directly Related tasks: No changes. New Proposals: Discussion indicated no discrepancies Resources Available: Not discussed. Issues and Gaps: Coordination with EO Systems, overlap with global data sets (DS/IS) Performance Indicators: Not discussed

9 IN-04 GEOSS Communication Networks Definition: Editorial changes proposed Deliverables: added focus on targeted users Related tasks: WIS moved to EO Systems (IN-02) New Proposals: Discussion indicated no discrepancies Resources Available: Not discussed. Issues and Gaps: Data Democracy Task could move to Institutions Performance Indicators: Not discussed.

10 IN-05 Gap Analysis To be incorporated in all other IN Tasks

11 IN-06 GEOSS Design and Interoperability Addresses the evolutionary technical architecture (design) of GEOSS and contributed EO data and service resources. Primary focus on enabling a sustainable GEOSS Success will be demonstrated by the research, evaluation, deployment, population, and sustained operations of a user-friendly and accessible GEOSS and its Common Infrastructure, including the core components, functions, and data sufficient to readily respond to scientific and societal demands. Incorporates the annual Architecture and Implementation Pilot and Standards and Interoperability Forum (SIF).

12 IN-06 continued Deliverables: –A living technical architecture document that describes and illustrates the components of GEOSS –Annual review or revision of the GEOSS Tactical and Strategic Guidance and new tutorial documents –Annual execution and documentation of the Architecture Implementation Pilot and related research activities –A register of Interoperability Agreements (Standards and Special Arrangements)

13 IN-06, continued Related tasks: –Enabling Deployment of GEOSS Architecture –Architecture and Implementation Pilot –Sensor Web Enablement for In-Situ Observing Network Facilitation –Model Web Development –Data Integration and Analysis Systems –Standards and Interoperability Forum

14 IN-06, continued Resources Available: Not discussed. Issues and Gaps: Interaction clarify, no overlaps with GCI Task (IN-01) Performance Indicators: Not discussed.

15 Questions and Discussion

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