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SIF Status to ADC Co-Chairs

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1 SIF Status to ADC Co-Chairs
Siri Jodha S. Khalsa Steve Browdy

2 SIF Accomplishments Development and refinement of SIF workflow process. Identification and deployment of open source workflow system. Design of experts database and definition of requirements for its linkage to the workflow system. Accepted request from GEOSec to be GEOSS interoperability “help desk”: Worked with NASA ECHO services to have them registered properly. Based upon discussions w/ NASA and GMU, researched and decided on terms for Standards register entry associations, based on ebRIM. Formation of Regional Teams. Design of SIF web presence.

3 SIF Goals 2009 Automate workflow system interoperability with registries. Refine process for review of standards and special interoperability arrangements. Engage the Regional Teams Outreach to make GEOSS users and participants more aware of the SIF’s role. INSPIRE query regarding catalog service descriptions went to AIP Deploy SIF web presence.

4 Registry Submission Review Process
Initial Screening All required fields populated properly Adherence to GEOSS Interoperability Principles Standard is non-proprietary; Standard is “open” meaning is that the specification is accessible by anyone. This does not preclude costs to purchase the standard; Profiles of the standard are provided where required to make the standard specific enough for implementation; Standard is well documented; and Standard has support within at least one user community. Based on the above, either the item is accepted as submitted or submitter is informed that further work is required 1. General Review of Standards Registry fields as submitted Verification that all the fields which comprise an item submitted to the Standards Registry are correctly completed., The initial reviewer may also insert additional comments raised in analysing the submitted information. Additionally, requirements on the contributor exist: Commitment to maintain and improve interoperability, Commitment to provide additional information as necessary.

5 Registry Submission Review Process, p. 2
Contributes to the overall GEOSS mission? Suitable for wider use within GEOSS? Would wider adoption present any impediments to GEOSS objectives? Applicable to communities or SBAs other than those identified? Should the proposed item be showcased? Should the contributor be made aware of other/similar standards? Recommend that Contributor and/or contributor organisation play a bridging function between GEOSS components and Societal Benefit areas (SBAs)? Inform contributor of complementary organisations wherewith linkages/partnerships may be established? Relationship to entries in the Service & Component Registry, e.g. is the item referenced by many components and services; are there components and/or services in a similar domain that do not use the item?

6 Conclusion of Review Process
Outputs of the Review Process: Recommendation in status change of item, Feedback to contributor, A set of proposed actions (to be ratified by SIF), Recommendations, notifications to GEO Community, Any additional comments for the attention of the SIF.

7 SIF Challenges Getting a broader complement of committed volunteers.
Implementing a rating system for standards and special arrangements Based on usage to indicate successful interoperability endeavors. Making SIF the clearinghouse of interoperability issues for GEOSS.

8 Schedule November 2008 SIF workflow system operational
SIF website operational Refinement of SIF review process December 2008 Engage regional teams in SIF tasks January 2009 Start of SIF outreach activities February 2009 Complete SIF review of existing registry entries March 2009 Automate workflow system with Standards Registry dependent on available resources

9 IP3 Status to ADC Co-Chairs
Siri Jodha S. Khalsa Stefano Nativi

10 Two-way discussion on interoperability in terms of GEOSS’ broad goals and practical aspects and issues exposed in AIP How IP3 Fits In Help w/ Interoperability Implementation Experience Review of Special Arrangements AIP SIF Mediation Capability Scenarios Process Refinement IP3 Registries

11 IP3 Accomplishments Analysis of cross-discipline interoperability requirements based on 5 user scenarios Implementation of a Climate Change Impacts on Biodiversity user scenario offering An Ecological Niche Modeling server An Ajax based client to interface the ENM server Access to Local, Regional and Global climate change datasets (e.g. IPCC and TOPS data) CSW-based discovery service to GBIF Species Distribution data

12 IP3 Goals Host, register and operate the IP3 Mediator component for AIP, including: A community (IP3) clearinghouse Catalogue Service Interfaces to numerous disciplinary services based upon interoperability arrangements The IP3 Team will participate in interoperability testing of the IP3 Mediator with other registered components and services to assist in the realization of selected SBA scenarios Develop and register model interoperability arrangements along with specific mediation solutions, advancing concept of “Model Web.”

13 Identifying Unmet Needs
IP3 will make recommendations where existing standards are not currently meeting the needs of the disciplines including draft recommendations to appropriate standards developing organizations based upon the GEOSS "Special Arrangements“ and forward to SIF Model interoperability is ripe area

14 IP3 Challenges Integrating with one or more existing portals
Engage other multidisciplinary science communities Develop cross-disciplinary use scenarios Implement mediation services to discover and access resources based on special arrangements Experiment process interoperability Workflow for scientific resources registering, discovery and access Experiment model servers interoperability Workflow for registering, discovering and accessing model components

15 Schedule November 2008 New cross-disciplinary use scenarios are designed New Model resources to be registered and interfaced are recognized February 2009 IP3 Clearinghouse/Mediator fully operational Demonstration of the new cross-disciplinary use scenarios Demonstration of the new model servers usage Process interoperability workflow for Scientific resources is described and demonstrated. This is provided as a contribution to the GCI. June 2009 Additional cross-disciplinary use scenarios and mediation services

16 Thank You!

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