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EuroGEOSS Implementing the GEOSS Data Sharing Action Plan: Drought.

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1 EuroGEOSS Implementing the GEOSS Data Sharing Action Plan: Drought

2 Purpose EuroGEOSS addresses multidisciplinary interoperability across forestry, drought, and biodiversity thematic areas. This short presentations demonstrates the process of committing data resources for Drought to the GEOSS Data Sharing Implementation Plan

3 Web Services (OGC) CSW – Catalog Service for the Web –Service used to request metadata catalogs of the datasets and services WMS – Web Map Service –Service used to download geospatial information in a raster format – WMS are mainly view services WFS – Web Feature Service –Service delivering raw geospatial data. WFS are mainly data downloading services WPS - Web Processing Service –Service for standardizing how inputs and outputs (requests and responses) for processing services

4 (edit Mask) Event – place - date European Forest Data Center European Forest Fire Info System Forest Mapping - Africa and South America Pilot Spanish Systems European Forest Info&Comm Platform Portal of Protected Areas Roads & Infrastructure Forestry

5 Metadata The IOC Metadata Catalogue was populated with spatial and non-spatial metadata from EFDAC. Metadata adjustments have been made to ensure ISO 19115/19119 (ISO 19139) metadata compliancy (INSPIRE). The Metadata Catalogue functionalities were adjusted to include a sub- category Drought themes. As a result IOC Catalogue provides search, discovery and preview facilities of spatial and non – spatial metadata.

6 Catalogue harvesting & testing - IOC The harvesting of external catalogues (Spanish IDEE Service catalogue, Dataset catalogue, EuroGeoss Droughts Catalogue) has been tested successfully. Adjustments on catalogue services allow CSW harvesting from CNIG and the IDEE Catalogue of Geographic Information Web Services.

7 Viewing Information A web-based Map Viewer was developed which enables the visualisation, interrogation (spatial & attribute) and overlay of spatial datasets over the internet using WMS/WFS/WCS protocols. The Map Viewer integrates data from other thematic areas: (Forestry, Biodiversity, Droughts) and at different spatial scales (Global, Regional, Local).

8 EuroGEOSS Drought Data and Services (1) EuroGEOSS –Drought Catalog, CSWDrought Catalog JRC –European Drought Observatory (EDO), WMSEuropean Drought Observatory (EDO) Spanish Ebro River Basin Authority (CHE) –Catalogue (CSW) Water Framework Directive, Water points inventory, Hydrogeological Data, (WMS, WFS), Gazetteer (WFS-G)Water Framework Directive Spatial Data Infrastructure of Spanish Observatory for Sustainability (IDE-OSE) –Annual indicatorsAnnual indicators

9 EuroGEOSS Drought Data and Services (2) DMCSEE –Map service, WMSMap service MARM – SIA –Monthly Drought report (2009, 2010), WMS20092010 Instituto Geográfico Nacional - Centro Nacional de Información Geográfica (IGN/CNIG) –Catalogue of Geographic Information ServicesCatalogue of Geographic Information Services –Catalogue of Geographic Information DatasetsCatalogue of Geographic Information Datasets

10 Verify GEOSS Data Category GEOSS Data-CORE = documented datasets, for full and open exchange (at no more than the cost of reproduction and distribution) AND unrestricted access (attribution is not a restriction) GEOSS Non-Commercial = full and open exchange BUT access and use restricted to non- commercial purposes GEOSS Other: all other categories including access fees greater than reproduction and distribution

11 Free of charge Charge > Reproduct. + Distrib. User registration Attribution Any Other Conditions ? Non commercial (ONLY) Add User registration To Condition for Access and Use Add Attribution To Condition for Access and Use Add geossOther To Condition for Access and Use Add geossNonCommercial to Condition for Access and Use Add geossDataCore To Condition for Access and Use Confirm GEOSS data CORE? Yes No Yes No Yes No Yes

12 Labelling the Dataset

13 Loading into a Catalogue

14 EuroGEOSS Broker is registred in GCI and supports multiple standards

15 EuroGEOSS Federated Services

16 Querying the GEOSS Data CORE submit

17 Finding Data in the GEOSS Data CORE No Drought Records yet in the CORE

18 Search for GEOSS Non-Commercial

19 Finding data non-commercial use

20 Download

21 Conclusions Europe is playing a key role in GEOSS We need to lead by example, and support the GEOSS Data Sharing Principles The process for doing so is not complex, and tools are available to help Above all WE need to make the commitment to make data sharing a reality.

22 Thank you from the EuroGEOSS Partners

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