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Report of the Architecture and Data Committee (ADC) for the C4 Meeting Ivan B. DeLoatch, ADC Co-chair June 2008.

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1 Report of the Architecture and Data Committee (ADC) for the C4 Meeting Ivan B. DeLoatch, ADC Co-chair June 2008

2 ADC Co-Chairs Meeting, 19 & 22 May Coordination with other committees –UIC wishes to improve their participation in process; need to strengthen committee interaction –Desire to not add many new tasks to plan –All tasks need a strong POC and leads Report on last C4 Meeting Report on latest ExCom Meeting GEO Portal (GCI) Process –ExCom requirements include: higher level document, decision on evaluation phase beginning and length –Task Force oversees IOC phase process to yield a report to be used for understanding the baseline of GCI and its operation –Kick-off May(June), mid-term review October 2008, final review within a year –ADC chairs recommend immediate preparation of Terms of Reference for the Task Force

3 Recommendations for IOC Task Force TOR Objective: Provide an evaluation of and recommendations for the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI) to the Executive Committee and its desired functionalities towards long term support, sustainability and concept of operations for GEOSS ADC recommends evaluation should be based on: –User feedback and outcomes from the Tasks –Existing work –GCIs link with registered Components (information systems) –Interactions with GCI IOC participants and service providers

4 IOC Task Force TOR, continued ADC Co-Chairs identified the following key technical issues to be addressed with regard to GCI components: –Long-term cost implications –Possible contractual requirements –GCI core systems operations, maintenance (hardware/software and telecommunications) and extensibility –Proprietary versus open source software concerns –Single versus multiple portals and clearinghouses –Access procedures –User interface conventions –User community requirements –Other issues when and as appropriate

5 IOC Task Force, continued The Task Force should select a Chairman for the duration of the IOC Mid-term and Final Reports should be submitted to the Executive Committee ADC nominees for IOC Task Force: –Alessandro Annoni (European Commission) –Ivan DeLoatch (United States) –Jay Pearlman (IEEE) –Ivan Petiteville (CEOS) –Ryosuke Shibasaki (Japan)

6 Request from ADC At the C4 meeting, update/report on GEONETCAST is requested to include information about usage patterns and volume (Michael Williams to provide)

7 User Requirements Registry Being established by UIC in technical consultation with the ADC members Will store information about user types and their requirements for specific observations (quality, method, frequency, resolution, etc.) Intended to be matched with existing observation information registered with GEOSS to identify either popularity or gaps in availability Discussion points on governance: –How should entries be collected/loaded? –Who should be responsible for this process? –How open/controlled should the system be? –What quality or consistency controls should be expected?

8 Capacity Building Portal The Capacity Building Committee requested support from the ADC to formulate and integrate a capacity building portal within the structure of the GCI. The virtual portal brings to the user capacity building tools and information relevent to the search being conducted in the GEOPortal. ADC and CBC are establishing a joint working team to refine the requirements and develop implementation options for review by the committees. For ADC, the team will be lead by AR-07-02 (George Percival). Briefings of recommendations are expected at the September committee meetings.

9 Best Practices Wiki Rather than a Registry, the wiki environment was recommended by the ADC as a host for the documentation of best practices and methods within GEOSS IEEE is operating this GEOSS resource, available online now (

10 Status of Invitations to Collaborate In June, the GEO Secretariat distributed a general request to the membership to register Component systems and Services with the GEOSS Registries –Critical to building up sufficient resources to make GEOSS a credible capability –Critical in providing operational experience in the operation and use of the Registries GEOSec also issued an invitation for collaboration in an Initial Operating Capability phase of GEOSS for the coming year, focused on the establishment of an IOC Task Force composed of members from all GEO Committees

11 Status of Key ADC Documents GEOSS Strategic Guidance and Tactical Guidance documents are now available through the GEO website, as linked from the home page registration link The Tactical Guidance Document will be updated to reflect evolving developments in the GCI and the GEOSS practices

12 Task-Level GEOSS Roadmap Graphical presentation of the relationship of various GEO Tasks to one another with respect to time and shared outputs/inputs Proposals from the UIC-ADC regarding the Roadmap were: –Harmonize with Outcome Performance Indicators proposed by US and Canada –Participate in Outcome Performance Indicators workshop in Europe. –Identify a POC from UIC for further coordination on the Roadmap.

13 Data Sharing Principles Following the update of the White Paper and the draft implementation guidelines for Data Sharing in GEOSS, an implementation strategy is being developed. The White Paper will be sent to GEO Principals for expert feedback from Members and Participating Organizations. Agreement on the adoption of the Data Sharing Principles is anticipated at or before the 2009 GEO Plenary

14 Architecture Task Information Sensor Web workshop hosted in Geneva prior to ADC meeting. Main case studies have dealt with flood and fire with a demonstration capability planned by end of the year Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP) is proceeding with a Phase 2 activity with a focus on registering and integrating high-quality, high-availability sustainable EO services –Call for participation (July 2008) –Kick-off meeting (Sept 25-26 2008, Boulder CO) –Interim reporting (November 2008, Beijing) –Wrap-up (February 2009)

15 Architecture Task Information cont. AR-07-01 oversees the primary, operational architecture for the GEOSS Common Infrastructure (GCI). These include: –Registries (Standards, Special Interoperability Arrangements, Component, Services, User Requirements) –Web Portal –Best Practices Wiki A high level of interaction with the IOC Phase activities, IOC Task Force, and the Architecture Implementation Pilot is anticipated Standards and Interoperability Forum (SIF) has been meeting regularly to process standards nominations to the Registry system

16 Other Items September Meeting of ADC will be in Boulder. Within the same week are ADC, CBC, UIC, C4 the AIP and CEOS WGISS. Schedule and meeting information is available on the web. Stronger inter-committee coordination is recommended through more frequent telephonic meetings of the C4 with the agenda being issues driven. A continued public outreach is necessary to build the inventories in the registries. Branding implications of GEOSS remain an unresolved issue.

17 GEO Meetings in Boulder, Colorado ADC (co-chairs and full) UIC C4 CEOS WGISS Architecture Implementation Pilot Kick- Off Meeting

18 Questions ?????

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