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User Interface Mechanism GEO 0106-6 GEO-I Meeting Ad Hoc User Interface Workgroup May 2005 Geneva.

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1 User Interface Mechanism GEO 0106-6 GEO-I Meeting Ad Hoc User Interface Workgroup May 2005 Geneva

2 PROPOSAL Goal of User Interface Mechanism To engage users in the development and implementation of a sustained GEOSS that provides the data and information required within and among societal benefits areas as specified by user groups on national, regional and global scales.

3 PROPOSAL Objectives-User Interface Mechanism 1.Enable GEO to address in a systematic, targeted, focused and comprehensive way the needs and concerns of a broad range of user communities, cross-cutting issues and transdisciplinary needs.

4 PROPOSAL Objectives-User Interface Mechanism 2.Enable GEO, in the implementation of GEOSS, to engage a continuum of users, from producers to the final beneficiaries of the data and information, a) to access the knowledge and buy-in of the user communities and provide a forum for them to articulate their needs while sharing the results and opportunities of GEOSS b) to capture the intelligence, expertise, experience and linkages of the Observing Systems (or other intergovernmental activities) already in place, to avoid duplication and maximize the successful development of GEOSS. 3.

5 PROPOSAL Objectives-User Interface Mechanism 3. Make recommendations to GEO to improve the delivery of targets identified in the GEOSS Reference document. 4. Work in a complementary fashion with the Director of the Secretariat and ensure that he/she has the best intelligence and information available to support the GEO.

6 PROPOSAL Implementation Approach A two-tiered user interface mechanism: 1) Communities of Practice (CoP) to provide fora for producers and users to work together on areas of interest to GEO; and 2) A User Interface Panel to address cross-cutting issues and oversee the CoPs, ensuring continuity and avoiding duplication.

7 Proposal: HOW? 1- Communities of Practice Representatives from GEO members states and organizations –EO users and providers, experts, decision makers, developing and developed countries, working towards common goals and objectives –Self-organized, flexible Focal point for actions within an area of interest –Drawing on existing initiatives at the local, regional and global levels where they exist –Define users, identify user needs, priorities for action, seek commitments from GEO members –Establish, where appropriate, sustained user fora –Guide the development of the relevant portions of the workplan Link with other CoP and with the User Interface Panel –Articulate cross-cutting needs and foster implementation of outreach and capacity building

8 Proposal: HOW? 2- User Interface Panel Standing group of at least one member from each CofP and the Secretariat Director with full membership to be determined –Terms of reference to be developed for GEO II Focal point for common and cross-cutting issues shared by several or all CoPs and for ensuring users issues are dealt with

9 Proposal First Steps Initial structure as a basis for further development as GEO becomes more mature Review and further refine after 12 months

10 Decisions required at GEO-I 1.Agreement to the concept proposed 2.Agreement to set-up a User Interface Panel 3.Agreement to initiate some Communities of Practice

11 AARSE Canada (Co-Chair) EEA EUMETSAT France GEO Secretariat Germany IAG IEEE Italy (Co-Chair) Ad hoc User Interface Workgroup Japan Netherlands POGO (Co Chair) South Africa UNESCO UNEP UNITAR United Kingdom (Co- Chair) United States WMO

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