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Lisa Brown and Charles Thomas LAWNET 2002 Taking the Mystery Out of Project Management.

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1 Lisa Brown and Charles Thomas LAWNET 2002 Taking the Mystery Out of Project Management

2 2 Session Objectives Discuss the attributes of a project Present a framework to use for project planning Identify common obstacles and strategies for dealing with the same Provide an approach to ramping up your next project and managing it Project Management basics for the part-time Project Manager!

3 3 What is Project Management? the application of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to broad range of activities in order to meet the requirements of a particular project. Source: Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge – 2000 Editiion, [Project Management Institute December 2000]

4 4 Characteristics of a Project An initiative (scope) With a beginning and an end (planning horizon) To effect business change (tasks and activities) Not ongoing, day-to-day operating activities

5 5 Organizational Considerations Project planning occurs in an organizational context reflecting – Attitudes about change Reputation for successful past initiatives Project sponsors vs. Project challengers Ability to fund the initiative Management focus (operational expediency vs. organizational improvement) Capacity for change (PMs, Trainers, IT Support) Other events on the Firms calendar Bandwidth for key players needed

6 6 Defining the project – contd Determine the desired future state - Goals & Objectives Success Criteria Benefits to the Firm

7 7 Defining the project – contd Scope - Define whats in vs. whats out Establish baseline Process for scope changes / management

8 8 Defining the project Areas that may be impacted - Organization Business Process Technical Infrastructure Facilities Applications Business Data

9 9 Defining the project – contd The Triple Constraint - Prioritize what to adjust when changes occur that impact your project! Budget Timing Scope

10 10 Defining the project – contd Project Initiation Charter Statement of Work Statement of Scope Road Map Project Proposal Project Execution & Control Project Calendar Project Plans Risk Mitigation Plan Budgets Issues Log Scope Change Control Various tools and work products -

11 11 Risk Management Identify obstacles to success – Resources availability Resource cooperation Shift in management focus Vendor commitments outside of your control Budget cutbacks

12 12 Risk Management – contd Develop risk mitigation strategies Review and update periodically Consider scenario shifts What would you eliminate first if firm- wide budget cuts were mandated How a merger, acquisition or spin-off might impact the plan

13 13 Tactical Considerations Work for broad support – Present objectives, goals and benefits to stakeholders Encourage critical review, feedback Provide the opportunities for those interested to participate

14 14 Tactical Considerations – contd Consider pilot programs – When efforts are large/complex When costs associated with failure are high When expertise is not available Focus on the most challenging aspects to flush out the issues Secure participant investment through inclusion in planning & execution

15 15 Developing the plan Generally – Plan work from highest to lowest level Determine the Critical Path activities Look for activities that can run concurrently

16 16 Developing the plan – contd For larger initiatives, use Phases – Recommend 10 – 16 weeks each Use Plan – Work – Plan approach Promotes a sense of project efficacy More nimble, easier to respond to new developments Highlights accomplishments to celebrate and show others

17 17 Developing the plan – contd Establish a work breakdown structure – Tasks The detailed steps to follow Usually sequenced due to dependencies Require effort for some period of time ( expressed in hrs or days) Work time may be different from lapsed time Activities A collection of tasks Undertaken to produce deliverables and achieve milestones Work products are developed along the way

18 18 Developing the plan – contd Identify milestones – On the critical path Transition points A series of dependent activities Phase conclusions, beginnings, etc. Completed work products (usually)

19 19 Developing the plan – contd Assign resources to tasks – Staff member with time to accomplish assigned work Internal Subject Matter Experts Outside consultants Rooms, equipment, office support IT support, other

20 20 Developing the plan – contd Determine timing – When should work products be available When will milestones be reached When will an activity stream be completed Add slack to allow for contingencies

21 21 Developing the plan – contd Establish a budget – External resources Internal resources Travel & out-of-pocket expenses

22 22 Project Execution Establish the project leadership team – Larger initiatives may involve Project Directors, PMs, and Project Team Leads Assign roles and responsibilities Assign an owner for each Project Management tool to be used

23 23 Project Execution – contd Activate the project – Develop Communications Plans Project Status Updates Issues Management Project Calendars Presentations

24 24 Project Execution – contd Hold a kick-off meeting - Present Goals, Objectives & Benefits Communicate project role and responsibility assignments Status Updates Issues Management Project plans, calendars Securing & managing resources Recruit an Advisory Team Team leads from each functional area impacted To review plans, provide feedback To assist with issues escalation

25 25 Project Execution – contd Queue up resources for early events – Using a moving 6 – 8 week planning horizon Provide background as new players are engaged Make sure people understand their assignments Secure commitment on deliverable due dates

26 26 Project Execution – contd Conduct regular Project Management Team updates – Report progress & new developments Review the schedule to make sure people remember their commitments Update project plans Go over issues & establish plans to resolve Revisit risks & mitigation plans

27 27 Project Execution – contd Close out the project – Prepare & execute acceptance documents Assign open issues to owners Review budget planned & actual results Evaluate overall project success against objectives Hold a lessons learned discussion to benefit future initiatives Recognize project team members accomplishments Celebrate!

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