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How to write an Introductory paragraph

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1 How to write an Introductory paragraph
“One today is worth two tomorrows.” Ben Franklin

2 Why is the introduction important?
Writing an introductory paragraph is when you get your reader interested in your topic. You don’t want to get into the meat of the essay, but you want to make the reader care about your issue.

3 What is the introductory paragraph . . .
It is the most important paragraph of the essay because it sets up your argument. It must have three parts. It needs three parts Hook Background Information Thesis Statement

4 Hooks The hook grabs the reader’s attention and makes them interested in your paper. It should specifically relate to your topic. For a research paper, you need to make a shocking/interesting statement as your opening. This can be a wild statistic or something that is very concerning or disturbing about your topic There are other ways to begin an introductory paragraph, but these three ways will do for now.

5 General Statement Hooks
By the year 2050, Latinos will be the majority in the US. In the next 100 years, the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere will be more than 10 times what it is today. The death penalty costs Americans over 4 billion dollars annually in taxes.

6 Examples? What are some crazy, disturbing, interesting, or concerning facts about your topic?

7 Background Information
After you have built interest in your topic with your hook, you need to give some background information about what you are writing about. FOR YOUR PAPERS: Explain what your topic is and why it is a problem. Is there anything else your readers need to know right away? If so, add it to your introduction.

8 Thesis After your background information, add your thesis statement to the END of your paragraph.

9 Introduction Checklist
Hook (crazy, interesting statement) Background Information Thesis Am I an all star?

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