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French Revolution Louis XIV The Sun King “L’Etat c’est moi”

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2 French Revolution

3 Louis XIV The Sun King “L’Etat c’est moi”

4 Louis fought many war that put France into debt

5 Louis XV Unwilling or unable to fix problems

6 Madam Pompadour “After us the deluge”

7 Louis XVI Honest but stubborn and stupid

8 Marie Antoinette “Let them eat cake”

9 3 Estates 1 st Estate – Clergy ½% own 10% 2 nd Estate – Nobles <2% own 30% 3 rd Estate – 98% own 30%

10 Problem: Not enough revenue Why? Only tax 3 rd Estate

11 To tax all 3 must call: Estates General 3 rd Estate breaks away meets on tennis court - National Assembly

12 Tennis Court Oath

13 People worried Louis will attack Assembly Goes to Bastille to get arms

14 Declaration of the Rights of Man *natural rights: liberty, property, security *freedom of thought & religion *due process of law *equality under the law

15 Some nobles begin to flee Émigrés

16 Revolution splitting into two groups: Moderates Radicals or Jacobins

17 Jacobins gain control of Assembly Form new legislative body The National Convention They arrest the King and Queen

18 Louis XVI guillotined January 21, 1793

19 Convention sets up COMMITTEE OF PUBLIC SAFETY Maximilien Robspierre

20 Reign of Terror Sept 1793 – July 1794

21 300,000 arrested 17,000 executed

22 Robespierre begins arresting other members of the Revolution

23 July 27, 1794 Members of the Convention arrest Robespierre and execute him

24 Moderates get control Constitution of 1795 *Directory – 5 man committee

25 People upset that Directory can’t solve problems of France People rise up in the streets Directory sends young general to stop them

26 Napoleon Bonaparte

27 Napoleon overthrows Directory Makes himself: 1 st Consul 1 st Consul for life Emperor

28 Napoleon wins support of people *controls prices *agreement with Church *gets some émigrés to return *jobs on ability

29 CODE NAPOLEON *equality before the law *religious toleration *abolishes feudalism (payments by peasants to nobles)

30 WAR In Spain, people fighting occupation “Little war” = guerrilla

31 England helps Spain Duke of Wellington

32 Napoleon invades Russia

33 Defeated at Leipzig Abdicates Goes into exile on Elba

34 Louis XVIII Brother of Louis XVI

35 Napoleon escapes Defeated at Waterloo by Wellington

36 Exiled on St. Helena

37 Congress of Vienna

38 Restores ‘legitimacy’ Restores monarchs in France, Spain, Portugal and Italian States

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