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Feudal system used in France since the Middle Ages Old Regime.

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2 Feudal system used in France since the Middle Ages Old Regime

3 Who made up the Estates-General? 1 st Estate 2 nd Estate 3 rd Estate Church/clergy Lords or Nobles The Bourgeoisie, anybody who worked,& the peasants

4 Who was the king of France during the Revolution? Louis XVI

5 Austrian Born woman Known as Madam Deficit Marie Antoinette

6 Reason why the Estates –General was called for the 1 st time in 175 years Excessive spending & huge gambling debts

7 He urged the 3 rd Estate to form the National assembly & Napoleon to take control Abbe’ Sieyes

8 The name of the pledge made up by the 3 rd estate to not leave until they had written a new constitution Tennis Court Oath

9 The women of Paris marched to Versailles in the rain Womens March

10 Owner of a Revolutionary Newspaper, his answer to problems was kill more people Jean Paul Marat

11 Men who wore their pants down Sans-culottes

12 Leader of the Committee of Public safety Robespierre

13 What group imposed the Reign of Terror? Committee of Public Safety

14 What % of the population belonged to the 1 st & 2 nd Estates 2%

15 How did the National Assembly loose support of the peasants? Took away the Catholic Church

16 Why did Napoleon sell the Louisiana Purchase? Raise Money Cut his losses Punish the British

17 Why is the Battle of Trafalgar important? Napoleon gives up hope of invading Britain English Naval Power is secured for 100 years

18 What were Napoleons 3 major mistakes? Continental System Peninsular War Invading Russia

19 How did Czar Alexander defeat Napoleon? Scorching the Earth

20 A mob stormed a prison looking for gunpowder Bastille Day

21 Liberty, Equality, Fraternity Slogan of the Revolution

22 “men are born free and remain free and equal in rights” Declaration of the rights of Men

23 Who was safe from the guillotine? No one

24 Public schools uniform laws fairer tax code Napoleons accomplishments

25 Why did Napoleon attack Portugal? To enforce the continental system

26 Group that liked the Enlightenment Views Bourgeoisie

27 By how much did Napoleon Increase french territory? Tripled it

28 Napoleons last battle Waterloo

29 Island Napoleon was exiled to Elba

30 Napoleon’s last hoorah 100 days

31 Napoleons final home St Elena

32 A sudden take over Coup d e’tat

33 Wave of Panic in Paris The Fear

34 She was good with a knife Charlotte Corday


36 Radical Revolutionary group Jacobins

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