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Colville Confederated Tribes and the Okanagan Nation Fisheries Commission.

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1 Colville Confederated Tribes and the Okanagan Nation Fisheries Commission

2 SALMON RECOVERY ISSUES The Okanagan basin once supported year- round Okanagan salmon fisheries Sockeye migration is terminated at McIntyre Dam If passage is provided at McIntyre Dam, the next impedance is Skaha Lake Outlet Dam Both dams could be bypassed, laddered or removed

3 Okanagan Sockeye Last of Upper Columbia Rivers wild salmon One of only 2 remaining viable Columbia Sockeye populations Access above McIntyre Dam will provide spawning area for 9000 pairs Returning Okanagan Sockeye to their historic range would substantially increase the amount of rearing habitat

4 HISTORY OF PROJECT BPA Project 20000-1300 Evaluation of an Experimental Reintroduction of Sockeye Salmon into Skaha Lake CCT and ONFC are presently evaluating the risks associated with extending the run further into its historic range At the completion of the risk assessment, Canadian Fisheries Authorities will decide whether to provide sockeye passage into Skaha Lake At this time, passage past McIntyre Dam occurs on a limited basis

5 Project Description Design and construct fish passage facilities at McIntyre dam and Skaha Lake outlet Dam (options include laddering, bypassing or removal of the dam) Screening of South Okanagan Land Irrigation District (SOLID) irrigation intake –Screens will prevent loss of sockeye smolts migrating downstream –Town of Oliver will maintain and operate the screens once they have been installed

6 Objectives Year 1: Planning and consultation to determine the benefits, costs and risks of dam removal, ladders and bypasses and the most appropriate option chosen Year 2: Preferred option implemented and conduct sockeye enumeration and distribution above and below McIntyre Dam Year 3: Post construction, ONFC will conduct fry migration, and spawner enumeration and distribution for three years

7 Rationale Removing passage barriers will provide access for an additional 6.8 miles/11 kilometers of the Okanagan River Will provide additional rearing areas in Vaseux and Skaha Lakes (areas are currently being quantified) Ensure the viability of Okanagan River sockeye population

8 Partnerships ONFC and CCT are working cooperatively to restore salmonid populations in the Okanagan Basin Have the support of Ministry of Water Land and Air Protection, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, and the Town of Oliver

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