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Population size Per person consumption / impact Stewardship.

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1 Population size Per person consumption / impact Stewardship

2 During this class period the world population will grow by about ~10,000 people!

3 What happened in the 1800-1900? Pasteur discovers “germs” cause disease Sanitation Hygiene Medical technology Vaccinations Antibiotics Improved nutrition Lower mortality, especially infants and children

4 Population Equilibrium Births Deaths IF, population not changing: Births = Deaths IF, deaths go down, and births don’t change, population will………..


6 Industrialized countries: US, Canada, Japan, western Europe, Austrialia, Scandinavia, Singapore, Taiwan, few Arab nations Middle income, moderately developed countries: Latin America, northern & southern Africa, Eastern Europe, parts of Asia Developing low income countries: west, central and east Africa, parts of Asia ??? China & India Population growth Per person resource consumption

7 [per capita gross national product – 1999-2000]

8 Population size Per person consumption / impact Stewardship

9 Fig 6-4

10 Time to add billion people changes




14 Independence from British colonization In 1960 Long period of civil war, based on ethnic lines followed Discovery of Oil lead to revenue for government, corruption became rampant 1993 General Sani Abacha became military ruler, died in 1998 of a “heart attack” 1999 Olusegun Obasanjo, a former military leader and - until 1998 - a political prisoner, was elected president. Several rival groups have had violent conflict, eg Igbo Christians and Hausa Muslims over implementation of Muslim law Obasanjo elected again in 2003, but independent observers expressed reservations

15 Nigeria has substantial oil wealth (OPEC), but one of the world's poorest nations, > 70% poverty Economy heavily dependent on oil sector revenues, which account for nearly 80 % of government revenues. -Hausa and Fulani (29%) -Yoruba (21%) -Ibo (18%) -Ijaw (10%), -over 250 others

16 9 oil workers currently being held by militant group Oil facility in Niger Delta, BBC Picture of Niger Delta on Chevron website

17 Last Nigerian census in 1991 Newer census postponed due to controversy over ethnicity and religion Leaders in Muslim north opposed census if questions on religion or ethnicity included. Leaders in Christian & Animist south opposed census if questions on religion or ethnicity NOT included. Past, census figures claimed to be manipulated for political advantage. The population of 2 south areas said to be less than that of the north. Therefore the north was - and still is - assured of absolute control of the federal government & budget South says that dry north cannot have more people than fertile coastal area How many people in Nigeria?

18 6-4 Population momentum

19 (Italy) 2000 2025 Source: U.S. Census Bureau Iraq

20 “Graying” in Italy- listen to story

21 Comparing projected populations

22 Demographic transition

23 World regions in the process of demographic transition birth rate death rate

24 Women’s education level lowers fertility rate

25 Wangari Maathai Kenyan environmental activist wins 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Fights against deforestation (associated with high population)

26 Wangari Maathai Born in 1940 in in Kenya, received higher education in US Founded the Green Belt movement in Kenya in 1977, planted more than 10 million trees 1997 unsuccessfully ran for the presidency of Kenya 1998, gained worldwide attention when Kenyan President Daniel arap Moi backed development of a luxury housing project begun by clearing hundreds of acres of forest 1999 she suffered head injuries when attacked while planting trees in the Karura Public Forest in Nairobi 2002 elected to Parliament, as Mwai Kibabi defeated Moi, who had been president for 24 years 2004 won Nobel Prize for peace

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