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The Monomyth By Joseph Campbell.

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1 The Monomyth By Joseph Campbell

2 Monomyths Joseph Campbell’s theory that all myths are centered around one archetype “arch” meaning Rule or Govern Literally meaning the “rules over types” Characteristics of the Monomyth Every stage may not fit perfectly with what happens. Some stages may be skipped, combined or repeated. Other characters may have their own journeys during the central monomyth of the hero.

3 The Departure Call to Adventure Refusal of the Call
The hero receives a call to leave their normal life and face adventure. Everything in their life is about to change (like it or not). Refusal of the Call Hero initially rejects the call to adventure do to the changes that it would bring in their life.

4 The Departure Supernatural Aid Cross of the First Threshold
A mentor will present the hero with one or more talismans or artifacts that will aid them later in their quest Cross of the First Threshold Hero leaves the familiar behind and enters the unknown. Belly of the Whale Hero willingly crosses the point of no return. Hero separates from his known world and known self. Hero is transitioning between two worlds. Because of this, the experiences that the hero has are dark unknown and frightening.

5 The Adventure The Road of Trials The Meeting with the Goddess
A series of tests, tasks, or ordeals that the hero must undergo to begin transformation. Hero often fails one or more of the tests. Tests often come in threes. The Meeting with the Goddess The hero finds their true love or companion.

6 The Adventure Woman as Temptress Atonement with the Father
The hero is tempted to stray from their quest by some offer of personal gain. Doesn’t have to be a woman that Atonement with the Father The hero succeeds his or her master/father figure. The hero must confront and be initiated by the ultimate power in their life. The hero’s old “self” must die so that the new “self” can come into being.

7 The Adventure Apotheosis The Ultimate Boon
Hero has been challenged and comes through the challenges. Hero gains a new perspective on life. Hero becomes “god-like”. Can be marked by the death or transition of a major character out of the hero’s journey. Hero emerges with divine knowledge, love, compassion, and bliss. The Ultimate Boon Hero reaches the final goal, gaining the final reward. Hero achieves what they set out to get in the beginning of their adventure.

8 The Return Refusal of the Return The Magic Flight Rescue from Without
The hero does not want to return to their old life and holds onto the reward they achieved. The Magic Flight The hero finds the reward hard to return home with and the reward can hinder the return process. Rescue from Without The hero may find that they need to be rescued because of the quest or the refusal of the return.

9 The Return The Crossing of the Return Threshold Master of Two Worlds
The hero finds that they have changed and they must learn to integrate their new knowledge into their old life. Master of Two Worlds The hero accepts their new place in the worlds they live in. The hero also accepts the responsibility that comes with it. The responsibility is what the hero initially feared. Freedom to Live The hero integrates back into the world and chooses live as they see fit.

10 Example of Monomyths in Movies Movies
Lion King LOTR Harry Potter Star Wars Matrix Tron Others?

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