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Max: Hero or not? A Persuasive Essay Packet p. 12-16.

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1 Max: Hero or not? A Persuasive Essay Packet p. 12-16

2 Agenda for 1/21: O After attendance, please return books and teacher will cross your name off pink sign out sheet. O Complete rough draft for first two paragraphs (packet p. 12-13) O If you do not finish, this is HOMEWORK DUE TOMORROW.

3 Paragraph #1: Introduction O Hook O In persuasive writing, a writer takes a position FOR or AGAINST an issue and writes to convince the reader (or audience with a speech) to believe or do something. O The introduction should have a HOOK that certain something that grabs or catches the reader’s attention. Here are a few examples: O Open with an unusual detail or statistic, startling or striking fact from an authoritative source – Thirteen teachers, two students and one police officer killed in a Munich, Germany high school; thirteen students killed and dozens wounded in Littleton, Colorado at Columbine High School… O Open with a strong statement – Cigarettes are the number one cause of lighter sales in Canada! O Open with a quotation – Elbert Hubbard once said, “Truth is stronger than fiction.”

4 Paragraph #1: Introduction O Claim: O Use your claim from top of p. 10 O Be sure to include author, title (underlined), and what you intend to prove. O DO NOT USE FIRST PERSON (ex. “I”/”me”) O Evidence: O When presenting your arguments, DO NOT discuss examples. JUST present the traits that Max exhibits. O Ex: “Max is a hero based on his bravery and courage.” O Also include how not everyone would agree that Max is a hero based on your chosen counterargument trait, but that will be addressed later in the essay.

5 Paragraph #2: Body paragraph O Claim: Present Max’s first heroic trait. O Example sentence: Based on his actions in the novel, Max exudes the heroic trait of courage. O Example sentence: Max completes many heroic deeds in the novel. O Example sentence: Every hero must sacrifice for his or her cause, and Max does just that in the novel.

6 Paragraph #2: Body paragraph O Evidence: O First discuss what the trait means/ entails. O Ex: Courage is the way the hero faces a challenge or obstacle despite their fear. O Then prove how Max displays that that trait using two specific examples (direct quotes or paraphrases) WITH PAGE #s. O Reasoning/Realization: O Explain how your examples prove Max has the heroic trait. O Explain how this trait makes Max a hero.

7 Paragraph 4: Counterargument O Claim: O Introduce what someone would argue against you, and that they are wrong. O Ex: Some may argue that Max is not a hero because he is insecure, but he actually grows quite confident. O Ex: Though it can be argued that Max has no special abilities or powers, he has certain extraordinary abilities.

8 O CROSS OUT: O Explanation of counterargument O Rebuttal Paragraph 4: Counterargument

9 O Evidence: O Present example from p. 11 in which opposition may say Max lacks the trait. O Include page # O TRANSITION (from Max not having the to trait to having the trait) O Evidence: O NOW introduce example from p. 11 that proves Max actually DOES have the trait. O Include page #

10 Paragraph 4: Counterargument O Reasoning/Realization: O How does the first example show that Max lacks the heroic trait? O How does the second example prove that he has the trait after all? O Therefore, how does this support your claim?

11 Conclusion: Paragraph 5 O Claim: O Use a transition O Restate your claim in a different way O Evidence: O Review the three traits you discussed that prove your claim. O Realization/reasoning: O What do these traits prove about Max? O What did you realize about

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